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Toshiba - 22" LCD HDTV w/DVD player

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Great price for a HD TV w/DVD


The 22" Toshiba HD TV w/DVD is nice to have in a smaller room where it is used now but a word of caution would be not to use it when you want to be more than 12-15 feet away. But the best advice there would be to measure that distance and to look at the specifications on-line or on the box at the store it does tell you that. The only time distance comes into play is when trying to read the TV guide for look at what is on. The picture in clear, sound is great. The DVD player is on the left side on the unit, in-case anyone was wondering. It is seamless moving from DVD to TV even if you cannot remove the DVD disc. The TV unit is lightweight so if you have cats or any other outside force that could knock the unit over you may want to consider weighting it down. Overall, a great TV.

Milwaukee, WI


The Toshiba 22" LCD HDTV with DVD player is a hit!


I was looking for a new TV for my son's room.  We had a small LCD TV, but were looking for something a little larger that could also be mounted on a hinge TV bracket on the wall.  The Toshiba was perfect.  It was very easy to attach it to my existing wall mount and secure the cords so they were hidden.  The TV doubles as a computer monitor so it is really helpful to have the 22 inch size.  The DVD player freed up a little space in his small room since we no longer needed a shelf for the DVD player.  The TV itself has a very good picture, 720p.  It receives many more HD channels than the old TV.  It is connect via coaxial cable since we don't have a cable box in that room.  The TV is energy star qualified, so it uses less electricity, something that is really good when it is just sitting there and not on.  We don't have anything fancy hooked to the TV right now, no apple TV or Wii, but are considering putting one or the other in, so will make use of the HDMI port.  This is a good basic TV with a high quality picture.

Henderson, NV


The Toshiba tv has a good quality and color on the picture.


The Toshiba 22" LCD HDTV W/DVD player is a great by for the price and the quality. I bought this for my kids room and it was the best purchase ever. it has a great picture and the DVD player is so convinent. The sound is okay but for a kids bed room it works just fine. This product is just right for what i was looking for it you could stand it on  the dresser or even hang it up. Ther toshiba is a great product i would defenetly recommend this item to any friends or family members for sure. It is a great manufacture toshiba was recommend to me and once i bought this product i am so happy i bought it. My child loves the TV. It is very simple to set up and the settings for the Toshiba 22" LCD HDTV or also so very simple. The remote control is just right for this program also not so complicated to use. The DVD player on it works perfectly its so great to have that device on this TV.

Riverview, FL


Toshiba - 22" LCD HDTV w/DVD player

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