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Toro Recycler Self-Propelled Mower Toro (22")


The mower that automatically senses your walking speed, just walk and mow. Toro's innovative Personal Pace self propel system will change the way you feel about mowing. Accompanied with a Toro Premium OHV engine, Bag on Demand and 3 Year warranties, this is one of the highest rated mowers that Toro offers. Personal Pace Self Propel Toro's innovative Personal Pace self propel system automatically senses and adapts to your walking speed. Walk faster and the mower self propels faster to match your pace. Toro Premium OHV Engine Toro's Premium OHV engine is more efficient and burns cleaner than side-valve engines. It has superior airflow and engine block design that helps the engine run cooler. The low-tone muffler keeps noise down. 22" Recycler Cutting Deck Cut more grass in less time and improve the health of your lawn with larger 22" cutting width. Toro's innovative Recycler mulching system minces grass clippings into fine particles and puts them back

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Don't Buy This Junk


This is the worst mower I have ever used. After a year the drive belt broke. Two months later the drive system stopped working and I had to fool with the cables to get it running again. And every two months I encounter the same problem. Now it takes 8-10 pulls to start. Also, on my old TORO, which lasted 25 years, I could stop the blade to empty the bag while the motor was running. With this dog every time I stop to empty the bag, the motor stops and I have to get a hernia to start it again! Buyer Beware! Do not buy any TORO Recycler mowers as they are garbage. I paid over $350 for mine which is three years old and I am ready to junk it!


Bainbridge, Georgia


Lasted us a long time


We have gotten a ton of use from this lawnmower. My in-laws own rentals and we use this lawn mower to mow the rental properties and then our yard as well. It has definitely gotten it's moneys worth out of use. It has been through a lot but is still running! We keep waiting for it to die because we have had it several years and it has been used a ton, but it still continues to amaze us and keep going. Granted this lawn mower is not the top of the line mower you will see in stores sometimes, but it gets the job done. It is hard to push through tall grass sometimes. For example we'll have to cut the grass to a more moderate length. Then we will go back and recut it to the length we want it to be just because it's hard to turn this lawn mower in longer grass and it is hard to handle. It is also pretty loud I feel like compared to our neighbors Honda lawn mower. However I do know our lawn mower was not as expensive as theirs so you get what you pay for. Overall it is a real work horse!




Toro Recycler Self-Propelled Mower Toro (22")

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