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Toro Powerlite 98cc Single-Stage Snow Blower

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Easy to use.


I am a single mom living in a place where there is not too much snow....but you never know what the weather is going to bring. This machine takes care of my needs without expending all the energy I would normally use by just shoveling. The price point was also very good for a smaller snow thrower and a mom on a budget. It's not as big as some throwers, so it does take a little longer but I have had no issues with snow backing up or the engine not working properly. I am very pleased by the quality and ease of use of this product. Would recomment for people like myself or older individuals that are still independent. Fits budget and ease of use requirements for these 2 categories of people.


Saint Louis, MO


A great little machine for clearing snow


This is a very effective, hardworking snowthrower for smaller jobs.  It has a smaller width than my previous Toro which means it takes more passes to cover the same area.  However, the much lower price makes this the right one for the budget conscious buyer.  It works best on snow depths of 6 inches or less.  More than that can cause jamming and/or stalling.  You can avoid most of that by making shorter passes or clearing snow before it gets too deep.  Although it works well, I often wish I had a wider model, because I have a long driveway and generally do both my neighbor's walkways.  If that is important to you, you should probably not consider this model.  I have an electric start which works every time without difficulty.  I will never get another pull cord, as it would sometimes take 20 pulls to get it going, especially the first time of the season.  It takes a oil and gas mix which is easily handled.  The chute is the major drawback.  It is not directed from the handle, so you have to lean down every time you want to change directions.  This is a minor inconvenience, but not for everyone.


Detroit, MI


Toro Powerlite 98cc Single-Stage Snow Blower

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