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Toro Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower 826OXE

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The best Snow Blower out there


I bought a Toro Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower 826OXE a couple of years ago because I was finally sick of shoveling snow every time it snowed and I now I actually look forward to it snowing. Performance This snow blower was by far the best purchase I've ever made. It actaully made winter fun for me again. It works great and all my neighbors has asked to borrow it this winter. Durability I've had this snow blower for a couple of years now and it still runs and looks good as new the only problem I've ever had with it was one summer I had to pump up the tires because I noticed that they were a bit low when I went to move it. Ease of Use This snow blower is extremely easy to use, I was actually a bit worried when I first bought it since it's a bit big but was put to ease the first time I used it.

Erie, PA


Snowblower Rocks


We purchased a Toro 826 LE Snowblower at the beginning of the winter 2009 when Iowa got pummeled with 19 inches of snow in October.  Couldn't believe I and had been contemplating it for awhile anyways.  We feel like we did really get the best bang for our buck.  My husband loves it as I knew he would but I was most surprised by the fact that I also really love having it.  Our son used to go to our neighbors both Tuesdays and Thursdays fo the day while we were at work and there were a few days that I had beat my husband home and I was able to get the snowblower stared and take it over to the neighbors (50 feet away) and pick up our son and walk him back with it.  You are able to choose your speed (I like to play it safe and go slow) but you can also go quicker if you'd like.  Really really love having it at our house - wouldn't be able to remove all of the snow if we didn't have it - great purchase.

Ankeny, IA


Great Snowblower - good performance


The snowblower itself is very good in performance, so if you are not getting what you expect, check the fan drive belt adjustment, if it is too loose, it robs you of throwing power and might prematurely wear the belt.  The belt adjustment is done by resetting the idler pulley position and is accessed under the black plastic housing next to the engine.   When bought on sale, plus their seasonal 10% off everything in the store promotion it is a real bargain.

Minneapolis, MN


I love the snow!!! This snowblower by Toro is awesome.


My first snow thrower, I'm in salt lake city Utah, at about 4400 ft, We do get some big storms but mostly storms 6" or less. I wanted something that would handle every storm we get and I'm sure this will do fine.It starts on the first pull, it's easy to operate, maintenance is easy, there is a drain tube sticking out the back so you don't spill oil when you change it. I love the tires they are very aggressive and get great traction. My driveway does not slope too much. It throws snow a mile, or like 30-45 ft depending on conditions. This blower is really fun to use, I look forward to snow storms because then I get to use my toy. It is a little hard to turn, but something you quickly get used to. The build quality is fantastic, the features like Quick stick work perfectly, and effortlessly, the movement of the chute on the other blowers I looked at, was stiff and catchy, not smooth. You need this quick stick chute control because this blows snow so far you might have to grab it and aim the avalanche coming out of the chute in another direction to avoid covering your neighbor's driveway across the street. It even did a great job on snow only 2" deep.

Kihei, HI


Toro Power Max Two-Stage Snow Blower 826OXE

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