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Toro Power Max 726 OE Snowblower


The Briggs & Stratton® OHV 4-cycle engine provides proven power and performance in tough winter conditions. All Briggs & Stratton® engines on Power Max models come equipped with electric start as standard equipment and convenient features like a fuel shut-off valve and extended oil drain.

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Great snowblower - easy to use


Easy to use, controls well placed, works on deeper snow. Handling My husband is a lefty and would like the controls reversed (haha) but it works fine for me. Very easy to maneuver and adjust. Our driveway has a hill, and I (as a small woman) can maneuver this snow blower both up and down the driveway (great going up hill) but also going sideways on the hill depending on the way the wind is blowing and where I want the blown snow to go. Durability Has made it through several storms, both light/fluffy snow and heavy/wet snow, and have not had any issues with it. Even ran over a garden hose - still worked after we were able to get the hose removed. Ease of Use We have a large driveway, but still easy to move around and use after using for long periods of time. Engine Power Good power for getting through the deep snow. Works quickly on the light amounts of snow but can plow through the heavy and wet stuff too.

Wakefield, RI


Powerful snowblower gets the job done.


We moved into a corner lot, and tried to shovel our way through the first winter, but it was a bad winter to try it. We went and bought the toro 24" snowblower, and it has worked awesome. I have had 0 issues now, and have used it at least 20+ times. It has grinded and thrown right through tons of snow, ice, and even very heavy slush. It has the power to get through just about anything, and is built well enough to keep on starting and running just great. The engine heats up very quickly, and it handles very well, and we have an old broken up driveway(can't wait to replace it), with many large cracks and pea gravel top, making it a very unsmooth driveway to snowblow. I highly recommend this snowblower for just about any application.

Oconomowoc, WI


Toro Power Max 726 OE Snowblower

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