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Toro Power Clear 621R (21") 163cc 4-Cycle Single Stage Snow Blower


Toro 163cc 4-Cycle OHV Engine Packs enough power to move more snow in less time Dependable cold weather starts Requires no mixing of oil and gas Perfect For Moderate Snowfalls

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The TORO Snow Blower is an amazing piece of mechanical engineering. I have shoveled and blown snow in the worst Wisconsin winters and until I bought and used a 621R TORO Snow Blower I hated snow. I will never buy another brand of snow blower and its easy for the first timer to use.




Works well in the snow we've had so far.


This snow blower always starts and does a good job and clearing the snow, even if it is wet snow. You have to change the direction that the snow is being blown but it turn nicely and works well. Performance Always starts for me and haven't had a problem with it's performance. Handling Handles well and is small enough for me to use but still gets the job done when there is a lot of snow on the ground. Durability It is durable, haven't had a problem with it and nothing has gone wrong with it. Ease of Use Easy to use, easy to start, easy to handle. I would recommend this for any women who might be intimidated to use, it works well. Engine Power good engine power, throws snow a good distance and gets through deeper snow and wet snow.


Omaha, NE


Easy to use and lightweight for older people.


This product really is a saving device during the winter months. We have this product and so do my parents which are a bit older. It's very easy to use and light weight making it easy to clean off your driveway or sidewalk. You can switch the direction of the funnel making it easy to clean your driveway off without going back over it twice.


Troy, MI


Not too satisfied with this snow blower.


It was good snow blower for the first year, then it broke and never was the same. Even after it was repaired, it broke again. It now bogs down with snow and doesn't have any power. We only used it once in a while for our average size drive and was super disappointed in the quality for the price. Performance When it worked, it did a decent job of clearing the snow. But for the money and using it only occasionally, I expected it to last a lot longer than it did. Handling This snow blower was easy to maneuver. It was lightweight enough for me to handle. Durability Broke way too soon and after it was fixed, broke down again. Really disappointed in this blower overall. Ease of Use Didn't take much effort to get started.




Toro Power Clear 621R (21") 163cc 4-Cycle Single Stage Snow Blower

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