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Toro CCS 2450 GTS 20" Snowblower

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Toro Snowblower 2450: It sure can blow the snow far


Even thought it is a single stage snow blower it really blows. It can cut its way in the deep stuff and hurl it far. I have never stalled this Toro machine. I have had it serviced several times in the years that I have owned it. Starting with old fuel is a showstopper. Good fresh fuel is key to successful operation Performance Again, it really does well with at least an inch on the ground. The paddle really scoops it up. Ice is not easily blown however... Handling It is a bit heavy so if you have an incline in your drive way, learn how to push down and blow with gravity to help you. It is a heavy machine that is very sturdy, get yourself some snow cleats if you have a steep drive. Ease of Use It's pretty simple to start and if it fails to run; consider your fuel's freshness factor. There's not much which may prevent this Toro from fully starting and blowing snow. Engine Power It has never stalled in the deep think stuff

Carmel, IN


Toro CCS 2450 GTS 20" Snowblower

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