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Toro 50 In. 24 Hp Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Tractor

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the toro lawnmower is ok


i Bought tis toro riding lawnmower around a year ago, for the most part i like the lawnmower, i like just stepping on the gas instead of shifting gears. The cruise control is wastless, who really uses it. The belt was very hard to get had to be special ordered so make sure your store carries the belt in stock otherwise you will be paying shipping charges too.

Pittston, PA


Nice Machine


I really like this mower. It's great for comercial and residential use. Worksgreat havn't had any problems with it since I bought it. I have it for like a year 1/2. Great product. I would definetely suggest it. Enjoy!

Vancouver, WA


The worst lawn tractor ever made!


I purchased this tractor 2 years ago and i have only been able to use 1 of the 2 years, i have spent more money on repairs that what i paid for it new. I have called Toro several times and all they say is we cant do anything about it. They wanted me to take it back to where I purchased it, but I couldnt find the reciept and we paid cash. all of the repairs were not covered under the warrenty, we have replaced 12 belts and a battery belt guards and several other things but everytime the items werent covered under warrenty. I hate this mower so much and i am not that type of person.

Myrtle Beach, SC


We use this all the time for more than just mowing!!


My husband and I purchased this in Jan 08 and we got a Free wagon with it.  We love it.  I h ave even learned how to drive it.  We use it to hall things for our projects from our inlaws to our house.  It has been great.  Not a single problem.  My husband is very anal about anything we buy so that helps.  He take amazing care of everything.

Greenbrier, TN


The mower is really nice, but the shopping experience was Hell!


Recently shopping for riding mower, went to Winchester Va store.  After buying mower, was told they did not deliver to my town.  Sent me to Cumberland MD, about 100 mailes away.  On a hot day, in unairconditioned truck.  Bought mower in Cumberland, also wanted gas grill.  Told would have to pay 2 separate delivery fees for items.  Canceled gas grill.  They charged me tax on the delivery fee.  Satisfied with the mower, but will never again shop in Cumberland MD store.

Romney, WV


love this ..makes job easy/fast


**This is an ideal tractor for the home & small work garden--landscape--turf. I'm a avid landscape person and love to use Toro products. In another review there was a complaint on starting product, this may be the fact engine was cold and choke was either pulled too far or not at all, also try to check the quality of gas sometimes small engines will act up due to condensation or a poor grade of fuel was not able to read the specific issue but try a little patience**

Clearwater, FL


This is my last Toro


I had to exchange my Toro when I first bought it, the battery went dead and the alternator wouldn't charge. The exchange isn't much better, the starter on both is iffy at best. When I try to start the thing it acts like the battery is dead most of the time. You have to hold the key in the start position for about 5 to 20 seconds before it will try to kick on...Not a well built machine

Richmond, TX


Toro 50 In. 24 Hp Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Tractor

3.4 7