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Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower

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Go with a gas blower


One thing I like about this snow blower is that it's light weight. But if there's one piece of advice I can give, it's that light weight snow blowers are not the way to go. I would only recommend this product to individuals who live in an area where it rarely snows, and when it does snow, it doesn't snow very hard. I tried using this blower when we had 7 inches of snow. It took going over several times to actually get the snow cleared off my driveway. Also, this is electric, which just doesn't have the same power a gas motor has. Turning can be very difficult - I had to literally pick the snow blower off the ground and rotate it if I was switching directions. This, to me, just isn't worth it.



Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower

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