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Toprol XL 200 mg Metoprolol 200 mg ER

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It works very well for me; I have not had any problems with it.


I have medical issues including high blood pressure.  My doctor has tried me on several HBP medications and this one seems to be the only one that hasn't given me any problems and that I can easily take in the dosage I need.My doctor had me on a brand name version of a similar drug and cost was becoming a real factor.  So, I told him about it and he took me seriously and changed me over to this medication, since he felt it would work just as well and the cost would come down for me.  I do have prescription insurance, but I still have copays to meet, so I was pleased to find that this medication is available - especially in a generic.  It does keep my HBP in check and I only have to take it once daily. 

Jackson, MS


What can I say it works


I was having horrible palps and high blood pressure, and this beta blocker works for me. It calmed me down, and slowed me down. Got my blood pressure down, and heart rate down, and also as a side  note helped my anxiety level. It's cheap, generic, and so far, not too many problems with it.

Cleveland, TX


Toprol XL 200 mg Metoprolol 200 mg ER

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