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Top Paw
Top Paw Pet Safety Harness

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Top Paw Pet Safety Harness keeps the pup where he belongs!


I like this safety harness. It works. We have a mini poodle that is just a handful in the car (so far, anyway) and I harness him into the Top Paw Pet Safety Harness and use a leash to tie him to the seatbelt so he can't get too far and just dangle. It is a secure harness. He can't get out of it. What I really like is that it is easy and quick to get him in and out. What I don't care for is the padding. We live in Arizona and the extra padding makes it hot in the car (until the air kicks in). I suppose that makes it more comfortable for the dog, but I do belief it makes him hot in the car. The instructions for use are pretty simple. Like I said, I can put it on him and take it off him easily. The packaging says, "It also keeps your pet from distracting you while driving and allows windows to be down without the fear of your dog jumping out." This is so true for our wild little mini. In addition, he doesn't get tangled in it nor can he chew on it easily. So, for the price and the product, it is an adequate pet harness that does the job.

Cornville, AZ


If you want your pet safe, don't bother with this.


We have two dogs and both got twisted up, tangled then chewed through them. In the matter of a month. I can't tell you how many times I had to pull over and get one or both of them untangled so they didn't choke themselves. I am not loyal fan of Top Paw products but I do think what I have gotten from them was decent. For the first time I can say HELL no to one of their items. It is not safe, it does not work and you are indangering your fur baby by using the "Safety Harness."

Olympia, WA


Top Paw Pet Safety Harness

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