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Tootsie Toy
Tootsie Toy Mr. Bubbles

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A cheap and fun way to entertain a child for hours


Children love bubbles! I've never seen a child get bored of bubbles. My nephew and niece would chase them for hours if we let them. My daughter is just starting to learn about them but she also gets excited when she sees them. Over the years I've found different bubble products and toys, but a lot of them fell short. Either they didn't really create good bubbles or they ran out real quick. Mr. Bubbles has been around for a long time and so far they are the best I can find. Mr. Bubbles is a non-toxic product that seems to be just a mix of soap and water. I am not worried about the occasional bubble getting into my childs face because there is really nothing bad in it. Obviously I wouldn't want her drinking bubbles though! The Mr. Bubbles containers come in a small, portable bottle that stays closed tight so it's great for travel. The small wand inside does tend to be low down so of course you always get bubbles on your hand when you reach in. They have more room in there so I don't know why they made it so short. While these bubbles are great for adults to blow at their children, I wouldn't hand this over to a really young kid because once they open the bottle, it would be very easy to spill it all out. There are toddler friendly products out there that these bubbles can be poured into though! By a toy bubble gun or other product and these cheap bubbles are the best option to fill those toys with. Mr. Bubbles can also be poured onto a tray for use with other bubble wands or playing other bubble games. Best of all, Mr. Bubbles creates TONS of bubbles with every blow! One bottle lasts me a long time. I recommend buying them for kids of any age because you can blow them when the kid is young, and they can play with it when they are older too.

Metro Detroit, MI


Tootsie Toy Mr. Bubbles

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