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Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade Belgique Gourmet Stainless Steel Cookware

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Awesome set? Love them


I have had my set for approximately 13 yrs. and I love them. The only bad thing is the non-stick surface has all but disappeared in the last 3-4 years. I am looking to replace all the non stick skillets.


McMinnville, or


Outstanding Quality / Outstanding Durability


Receiving this set of cookware as a gift was one of the most luxurious things that has happened to my kitchen. I am not able to afford this caliber of cookware, but I certainly do appreciate it! I have the whole set of pots from the large dutch oven to the next two smaller sizes as well. I have a large and small "handled" sauce pot and the frying pan. I must admit...I don;t really use the frying pan, because i only like non-stick surface for that, but the pots are all some of the most outstanding pieces I've ever had. The sizes are just right for all of my cooking needs. From soups, to pasta, to sauce, to simply boiling water for eggs. This cookware heats up evenly and quickly and cleans up easily most of the time. When the food has really cooked on, you can simply let them soak and then clean up quickly from there. The lids and handles are very sturdy and well made. They can heat up, so it is wise to check the heat level before just grabbing. Overall this cookware is a fine set and one that any cook would be blessed to have in their kitchen. If you can afford this set, I highly recommend it.


Trenton, NJ




I got this set of pots and pans by Tools of the Trade for my wedding five years ago. We threw them all out by year two. I loved the way they looked initially. Super shiny and so professional looking. However, after a time or two of cooking and washing, they started to lose their sparkle. This was to be expected, but I didn't expect the degree to which they started look kinda gross and dirty no matter how hard I scrubbed. I also had issue with foods burning way too easily, and the bottoms of the pans got totally scorched. Doesn't Stick I had plenty of different types of food stick on these pots and pans. Heat Distribution It always seemed like when things burned in these (which was pretty often), it was always in the middle of the pot or pan. Ease of Handling No pads on the handles means you have to use a pretty heavy duty pot holder every time. Ease of Cleaning Had to use a polish to clean the outsides of the pots, and even that couldn't clean and shine them completely. The insides were hard to clean as well, with some burned on marks never leaving. Design Lovely design, just wish it would have stayed that lovely. Durability Threw these out after two years. Waste of money.


Stanton, CA


Heat makes pot buckle in the middle


Don't buy them. Food like a regular grilled cheese or eggs stick to frying pan. Wish I never bought the item. Doesn't Stick eggs and grilled cheese always stick if you use butter even on low flame. Heat Distribution especially on a electric stove. Design liquid gets trapped in seam




Tools of Trade classique beligique frying pan 9.5 ins. hazardous


Tools of the trade classique belgique frying pan 9.5 ins is hazardous, to your hands the handle get overheated, and it's very dangerous, you can get a serious burn to the hands if you are not careful.   I purchased the frying pan from a well know department store, it retain the heat well  when you are using it... somehow it heated the handle as well,  it clean with ease, no problem in that area, however the only fault is in the handle. of the frying pan....  


Brooklyn, NY


my go to pot for cooking


I received a pot (not sure of the size, maybe a 2 qt) from this series of cookware as a wedding gift.  My Tools of the Trade pot is my favorite pot for general cooking!  The copper bottom distributes the heat the best of any non-cast iron pan I've ever seen.  It also provides some kind of insulation that keeps the bottom of the pan from getting too hot at the same time.  My Tools of the Trade pot cleans so easily too.  Nothing sticks to the pot, even though its not really a non-stick pan.  I use my copper bottomed pot for a lot of sauces and pasta but I have also used it to brown ground beef with absolutely no problem...something that would have been a disaster using a cheap pot. I do plan to purchase a few more of the Tools of Trade copper bottomed pots in the future.  I like the weight that copper bottom gives to the pan, the easy cleaning, the even distribution of heat when cooking with it and I really like the price.  It's a reasonable price for a quality product. 


Athens, GA


Tools of the Trade stainless steel pot the way to go!!


I am working college student that pays for everything on my own.  I am flexible but pratical, so when I say that the Tools of the Trade stainless steel pot and or other Tools of the Trade merchandise is decent quailty its the truth.  I live in an off campus apartment and I save cost by making my own meals, in order for me to keep my momentum; I have to have good quaility houseware.


El Monte, CA


Belgique is amazingly conductive, durable, and easy to clean.


what a wonderful set of cookware. The pots and pans heat up very quickly. We even have to set the stove at lower settings because of the high rate of conductivity. When it comes to cleaning them they are a breeze! Anything comes off of them in no time! YEAH! WOO HOO!


Norwich, CT


Tools of the Trade Belgique Gourmet Stainless Steel Cookware

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