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Too Faced
Too Faced Lip of Luxury - All Shades

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Too Faced products are Wonderful!


I use all of the Too Faced products.  The lipsticks come in a variety of colors. I find the texture to be very smooth and the color is long lasting. I would also like to mention the adorable packaging!  

Trenton, NJ


love and be loved


I have always loved Too Faced. From their Mascara, to their bronzers, and their Teddy bear brushes and I was really excited when they came out with lipsticks. The colors are gorgeous and they last a while too. The packaging it to die for! When I am done with the actual stick, I am going to keep it. It is cute with the little gem on top of the cap. They are creamy instead of just a thin line of color. The colors can be bright but if you smudge it, it gets lighter. I can't wait until they come out with new colors. It also lasts for a while. Not too long though. Mine lasted about six to seven hours. I would advise you to do the napkin trick just in case. I would so recommend you try one if you have not yet. Cupcake was my favorite color but I think they discountinued it. There are other colors that are very pretty though. If you want a bright red, they have that color too and it is perfect for fair skin and blue eyes.

Austin, TX


Too Faced Lip of Luxury - All Shades

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