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Too Faced
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Advanced Lip Plumping Serum .2 oz

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Just another gloss


I got this as a sample. It was alright. After putting it on I did experience a tingle that lasted a few minutes. As for actually plumping my lips...I didn't notice a difference after using it daily for about 30 days. I would say it is just another lip gloss - nothing special. I find it hard to believe a gloss can plump up your lips, but to each his own.

Wylie, TX


A so so type of product.


I have mixed feelings, even now about this product. I wanted to like this product and rave about it but I felt like the more that I used the product the less it worked. In the end I felt like it became just a really really expensive lip gloss. At the price of this product it should definitely do more than it does and that is irritating. I am mixed still because I feel that on the few times it did work, it worked very well. Another negative, is the small amount you get. The cost is a little bit rediculous seeing as though it is only .2 ounces. On the positive side I love love love the applicator brush and the packaging in general. It comes in a cute little clear shimery bottle with the perfect brush. The brush allows me to easily control how much I put on and where it goes on. This is good since it can definitely irritate skin if you get it on the skin around your lips. Not a pretty sight so be ware!

Gresham, OR


A bit expensive and makes my lips red and irritated.


This Lip plumper is a nice product but is a bit on the expesive side for the amount that they give you. As many other plumping serums this one tends to cause redness and irritation (which is expected being a plumper) But overall sometimes it's not so attractive. The bottle says theres long term results, although I have yet to see it Im sure it works for some.

Lawrenceville, GA


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Advanced Lip Plumping Serum .2 oz

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