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Tonytail Puffy Pony

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Needs extra styling to get the look.


When I got two feet of hair cut off earlier this year, it still left me with a long head of hair and a sudden realization that I could do something I hadn't done in years--shop for hair thingies, frackies, and doohickies other than elastic bands! One such shopping freak took me into a certain mall boutique--beloved of teenagers and people getting pierced--and the racks of all things hair, including the Tonytail Puffy Pony. I was elated, puffed up myself. One little tool to poof my hair? Incredible. Like my ponytail, an incredible flop. The Puffy Pony tool is a small curved comb. The instructions are to use the enclosed elastic band to make a pony tail, lift the ponytail up and against the head, then insert the Puffy Pony comb through the ponytail and behind the elastic. The hair is supposed to poof over the comb as if it were lying on a small shelf, adding volume. It's not a lousy product, but not one I'd recommend either unless you have curly hair preferably cut into some layers already, and best if the ponytail is quite short--four or five inches, I don't think any more. My ponytail is around eight inches long, and my hair is wavy rather than curly. The ponytail just flopped over the tool and dangled around its sides. I could have achieved the look with a fair amount of time spent blow-drying and curling and teasing and spraying, but this kind of defeats the purpose. The Puffy Pony tool is purported to achieve the look in moments, with a decided lack of fuss. If you have a lot of curls and medium length hair, though, go for it! It will likely work very well for you.


Buffalo, NY


Tonytail Puffy Pony

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