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Tonka Ride, Push or Walk Behind Toy

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So much fun!


I wanted my child to have a ride-on toy so we purchased the Tonka Scoot and Scoop 3 in 1 Ride On Toy.  It is actually really neat.  Not only can your child ride on it, but with a simple change, the seat becomes a handle so your child can push the truck.  It also has a rotating flap on the bottom that "scoops" up things that your child runs over.  The truck itself comes with three blocks for "scooping" purposes.  The up and downside to this is that the truck can pick up other small toys (or misc. objects on the floor.)  If something comes up missing, you may want to check in the receptacle in the truck!  Anyway, another big selling point for this particular truck is the fact that the newer models have steering wheels that can be removed.  They are battery operated and have a horn that makes a few different silly sounds, a key that when turned makes the steering wheel vibrate and "starts the engine", a turn signal that lights up and clicks a shifter and a little side mirror.  I thought my child would love playing with the steering wheel in the car and at first it was novel, but that wore off pretty quickly.  Still, the truck is a big hit.  It is durable- like most Tonka toys I've encountered and fun.  It was fairly easy to pu together.  The steering wheel is a little difficult to remove,  but you'll get the hang of it.  Overall, I would highly recommend this toy!



My son LOVES the Tonka Ride on Scoot and Scoop 3in1


My son started pulling himself up on things at a fairly early age, and in an attempt to encourage him and help him learn to walk safely while pushing a toy I bought him this toy. I liked that it was durable and multi-functional. It can be used during all kinds of stages of play. He can push it while crawling, ride on it and wlk behind it. It has taught him to walk more steadily while pushing a toy, to crawl while pushing a toy and he LOVES being pushed on it! Since buying the toy I've watched him evovle from crawling to walking and to learning how to sit on top of it, by himself, to holding on and lifting his feet so he can be pushed (and he's still under a year old)! It can be a bit of a back breaker if you get stuck, like us, pushing him endlessly back and forth, but its a cute toy that is very durable, provides hours of fun and teaches lots of new skills. It has a pick up feature that the truck will suck up blocks and store them in the "dump" this is a feature older kids will enjoy, my son is just starting to get interested in the dump and what he can put in and take out of there but he still doesn't have a lot of interest in the actual pic-up feature.

Phoenixville, PA


Tonka Ride, Push or Walk Behind Toy

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