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Tone Sugar Glow Exfoliating Body Wash 18 Oz

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Tone Body Wash Makes My Body Feel Toned


First of all, I love the lime green color of the bottle. It makes me think that I am in a tropical rainforest! :) There is 33 percent more in the bottle for your money, which is always great when they include that bonus. So I actually received 24 ounces! I picked this body wash out because it it an exfoliant. Those are always great! I always read on the front label that it has Vitamin E in it. Yay! You only need a tiny bit of the creamy gel, like a dime or quarter size, and apply it onto a washcoth or pouf. I usually use a pouf, but sometimes I even use my hands - it's that nice. It creates a nice, rich lather on your skin. I read it is made in the USA, which is always a relief to see, as that is rare nowadays. I use this in the winter and summer especially, when the weather beats down on my body. This definitely gets rid of dry skin, and makes your skin feel healthy and smell yummy all the rest of the day!

Napa, CA


Exfoliating but a little too fruity


I had never used a Tone product before, but I trust the products its parent company, Dial, puts out. Tone didn't disappoint in most ways. Because I was so excited about the words on this bottle of Tone (exfoliating, sugar glow, extra fine exfoliants), I didn't bother smelling it before purchasing. The smell, I think, is the only drawback of this product. It is exfoliating and does make skin feel smoother. It claims to actually have sugar in it. It lathers well enough - requires only a small squeeze to cover the whole body. BUT this body wash smells irritatingly sweet and fruity. If you like fruity body washes, then this is the body wash for you.  Another upside: you can occasionally find coupons for this product. Another downside: there are only 2 words I recognize in the ingredients list - water and fragrance. It does not have the only thing I know to avoid in beauty products - parabens. 

Kansas City, KS


tone sugar glow exfoliating body wash truly lives up to the name


tone sugar exfoliating  body wash does what it says it exfoliates dead skin off the body and leaves it silky clean by getting rid of dead old tired skin.  I use the product for one week morning and night and after the second use I could see a remarkable difference in my skin.  I use tone exfolialting twice a week now.

Bivalve, MD


Tone Sugar Glow Exfoliating Body Wash 18 Oz

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