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Tone Island Mist 2-pk Bar Soap (w/ Cocoa Butter)

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Great for relaxation


I don't know what it is about Tone Island Mist Bar Soap but it is wonderful. I am certain of that. Island Mist has a very exotic and intoxicating scent. A scent similar to an island mixed daquirey with a hint of pine apple. The soap definitely leaves your skin very soft and silky and smooth. It has also helped me with dry skin areas. Although the soap contains cocoa butter, it doesn't have even a small hint of cocoa butter scent. The effects of the cocoa butter still are very obvious in the fact that your skin is left feeling nourished and healthy looking. For me, the island mist is a mini escape plan. It seems to have an aroma therapy effect. It works great for relaxing in the bath prior to bed. It seems to have improved my sleep when I do. Maybe that's just a state of mind more than the actual soap. Either way, overall the soap offers a luxurious lather and a very relaxing scent. Combined with warm water, you've got a quick escape from the monotony of the day. It always leaves my skin looking healthy an feeling squeaky clean with no soap residue on my skin. Scent Probably the best part about the soap is the aroma therapy affects.




It's like bathing in Pina Colada


***Tone's* Island Mist** bar soap refreshes your sense of smell as well as cleaning the rest of you.  ***Tone*** bar soaps also moisturize as they clean with the added cocoa butter.  As a dry skin sufferer, that's very important to me.  My skin is dry enough without a soap further drying me out.  **Island Mist **goes a step further and actually leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smoother for the miva (Male diva...lol) in me. If you've been to the Carribean, ***Tone's* Island Mist** aroma brings to mind memories of the trip.  If you haven't, you may picture commercials, movies, or some one else's recollections, but you'll still have a feeling of relaxation and tranquility associated with those memories. You get a great deal of quality for such a small price.  We've experimented with other brands and types of soap, but always return to **Island Mist**.  You may *want* more from your soap, but **Island Mist** has every thing you *need*. **Bottom line:**  ***Tone's* Island Mist** bar soap gets you clean, moisturizes your skin, and smells good, too.


Dayton, OH


Tone Island Mist 2-pk Bar Soap (w/ Cocoa Butter)

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