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Tone Cocoa Butter Bar Soap Original

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It's the fragrance...


I prefer natural products and try to steer clear of harsh chemical ingredients, but Tone original soap's fragrance and lather are really great. I buy it occasionally and enjoy it with a little bit of a guilty conscience. It's the fragrance and softness that keep me coming back for more.

New England


A soap that is gentle on sensitive skin.


This is the only soap that I will buy. I have skin that is sensitive to many soaps and I ran across this particular brand tried it because of the cocoa butter and found that it didnt made make my skin itchy and I did nt break out in hive. Effectiveness It does the job that I was looking for. It takes care of my skin in that it does the overall job of helping me stay clean and I don"t have to wonder am I going to get out of the shower and being scratching. I was told about this soap by my family doctor, he said to try it it was a soap that a few of his patients with sensitive skin are now using and it works for them. Scent The original is my favorite. To describe the scent the I think of smooth and soft scent cocoa butter definitely is what the aroma mimics. That maybe due to cocoa butter as a main ingredient. This soap is not overpowering and will blend in with the scents of your day such as shampoo and any perfume you may use daily.



Keeps my skin feeling soft and clean


I take a lot of showers, especially since I workout a lot, and go to the gym everyday. I have dry sensitive skin, so most of the time it's hard to find a good soap that cleans and moisturizes your skin at the same time. This soap does both of those things. Cocoa butter seems to be the only thing that quenches my dry skins thirst. This soap is amazing for dry skin, especially in the winter time. Not only did this soap give my skin a nice clean feel, it moisturized it, and noticeably helped to even my skin tone, and fade my scars a bit quicker. My skin has a nicer over all glow, and appears to be a lot healthier. This kept my skin feeling smoothe and soft. Not to mention the smell of cocoa butter is amazing. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for this, but it was extremely affordable. I will be buying and using this soap again if I can find it. Effectiveness This soap keeps your dry skin moisturized, and feeling soft. It also gave me a nicer softer looking skin tone. My stretch marks were a lot less noticeable. After using this soap I don't have anymore dry patches, and my elbows aren't rough feeling anymore. Scent I love the smell of cocoa butter. It smells like chocolate milk. It's a very soft soothing smell.

Stroudsburg, PA


Tone Cocoa Butter Soap isn't bad, but I wish it smelled better.


I received several bars of **Tone Cocoa Butter Bar Soap - Original** for free, so although it isn't a product I would spend money on, I'm trying to use them up. This isn't a bad product by any means, but I'm kind of a natural product snob, so it doesn't quite live up to my standards, mainly in the ingredient department. Although it does contain cocoa butter, a great, all natural ingredient, it also contains talc and other questionable items. Effectiveness I use this for washing my hands and I think it does a really good job. It doesn't feel either slimy or filmy, and it washes off completely and easily. Scent I don't think this soap smells like cocoa butter (rich, nutty and sweet) at all. Instead it smells like "hotel soap". You know, the boring white soaps you get in a hotel? It's not a bad scent, but it's pretty generic.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Tone is Divine!


**     This soap is heavenly. I always buy this soap, even though I have also tried other brands. The scent is absolutely lovely. You can actually smell it through the packaging. That is a sign of a well-made product that is still safe for skin. I happen to have skin that gets extremely dry. I have to avoid certain brands or my skin starts to flake off. The cocoa butter used in Tone is ingenious, since cocoa butter is one of the best moisturizers in the world. Marines use it on their skin in the desert. How do I know? My brother is a Marine. So, to find a soap that on the general market that has cocoa butter is a treat. Your skin will thank you for this soap. The body washes in this line are also moisturizing and leave skin feeling so smooth and soft. ** **     This product may not lather up as much as some soaps. I think the cocoa butter may contribute to that. But the lather it does produce is so thick and rich. You will love this one; I promise!**

Edgefield, SC


New Packaging, same great bar.


I remember Tone's soap bars being in my grandmother's bathroom when I was a kid. The Tone Cocoa Butter bar in Mango Splash that I purchased is the same great bar that grandma always used. It works up to a great lather. I used it with my puff and lathered up nicely without getting stuck in all the groves of the puff. Tone's cocoa butter bars leave your skin soft. It is not at all drying like other bar soaps. This new Tone bar has a nice scent, mango. Being a Floridian I am partial to mangoes. The mango scent of this bar is very subtle and I really liked it. I thought it smelled great even through the packaging. What has changed about this bar is its packaging. It is mango colored and looks a little more modern than the old packaging. The only way I was able to recognize it was that it still had the Tone name with the cocoa butter teardrop shape behind it. Whether you remember the Tone soap from your childhood or have never tried it before, I can highly recommend it.

Boca Raton, FL


I haven't used anything except tone soap in 4 years!


Tone with Cocoa Butter is a great product no matter what kind of skin condition you have. This is the only soap that has never broken my skin out or irritated it, and I have very sensitive skin! I even got my boyfriend to use this soap because of his exzema and his skin has completely cleared up since he started using it!

Loganville, GA


Tone Cocoa Butter Bar Soap Original

4.3 7