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Tom's of Maine
Tom's of Maine Spearmint Natural Mouthwash

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If you like listerine, this is for you.


I've tried other Tom's of Maine mouthwashes and have liked them because they've never been very strong. This one, on the other hand, reminded of what it was like to use Listerine. You can definitely feel the spearmint in there and it burns a little. It does leave my mouth feeling clean though so I just deal with it. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who is looking for something mellow that will freshen their breath. This mouthwash has a kick to it that will help you wake up in the morning.

Elmwood Park, NJ


Reformulated Natural Cleansing Spearmint Mouthwash


So you had to "improve" your mouthwash! I made the sad mistake of buying four bottles of my favorite mouthwash online - it always seems to be out when I try to buy it in the store - and I received the reformulated product in a differently shaped bottle. Now there is sweetener in it, and the spearmint taste is totally changed. I hate the product and am sorry to say that I threw it all out and am looking for a new mouthwash. I have been using this mouthwash for years and don't appreciate this "new and improved" product being offered without any warning that the ingredients have been changed.

Oxnard, CA


Tom's of Maine Natural Spearmint Mouthwash painlessly refreshes


  Wow!  I just read the other reviews on this product and I couldn't disagree more!  This product has a terrific taste.  It isn't sicky sweet with artificial sweeteners or mediciney like the traditional "yellow"mouthwash we used as kids.   The flavor is a natural taste of mint just like REAL spearmint leaves from the garden.  It makes your tongue and gums feel fresh and healthy and I find I am able to swish the product in my mouth for more minutes because there is absolutely NO BURN.  The taste of spearmint is really evident after you remove the mouthwash from your mouth.  It's just a fresh, nice comfortable good smelling taste that hits you.  If you like natural products anre happy kicking your sweet habit you will LOVE this mouthwash.

Palm Coast, FL


Maine Product That Works


The line of Products is natural and is from the old school where most things can be made without harsh new chemicals. I will say if you want the traditional tingle or harsh flavor that tastes like a bite of candy you will be in for a huge surprise. This product is not full of alcohol or sugar so the flavors are more tame and more natural. The first time people try this they will most likely not like it. It is not the name brand type of mouthwash. I found it far better tasting then the homemade stuff grand mother made. I suggest new users give a few days with use before casting judgement and doubt. I like to suggest to users the product is alot like Moxie- It has an taste you might not like at first but after a few time you will enjoy it and its benefits.

Waterville, ME


Tom's of Maine Spearmint Natural Mouthwash

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