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Tom's of Maine
Tom's of Maine Natural Cleansing Peppermint Mouthwash

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Natural but expensive.


Tom's of Maine Natural Cleansing Peppermint Mouthwash is a good alcohol-free alternative to traditional mouthwashes that have so much alcohol in them. The ingredients in this mouthwash are all natural. it doesn't contain manmade chemicals, so I feel good about my family using this mouthwash. The freshness seems to last a long time and my mouth definitely feels clean when I'm done using it unlike some other mouthwashes that just make my mouth smell good. The mint flavor is not as strong as it is in some other mouthwashes but it is a nice subtle mint taste and it seems to last quite awhile. The price is high for this mouthwash though, and I rarely see it on sale or see any coupons for it, but I guess sometimes quality costs more and I would say that the extra cost is definitely worth it. Because it is natural ingredients and alcohol free I also feel comfortable with my grandkids using it when they are at my house.

Toledo, OH


Safe product


The worst part about using traditional mouthwash is the burning sensation after you spit it out. This product feels very gentle when you use it so there is no burning sensation. I also don't worry if I swallow a little bit of this product because it has all natural ingredients. I can't stress this point enough because chances are you are going to swallow a bit of mouthwash so if it's natural you are not swallowing harmful chemicals or food coloring. It leaves you will minty fresh breath that is more subtle than traditional mouth washes which can be overbearing and obnoxious. I would recommend this product for people with sensitive teeth or gum tissue because it is gentle. I trust the Tom's name for my entire family. I find this product to be very affordable for an all natural product and I love that it can be found at your local drugstore and at big box chain retailers like Walmart. You don't need to use a lot of this product for it to be effective so it lasts a long time.

Matthews, NC


Great taste from Tom's of Maine.


 I had started using mouthwash on a regular basis about six or so years ago. I fell in love with Listerine's Total Care Fresh Mint Anti-cavity Mouthwash and was using it twice a day. I never had a problem with the taste of Listerine and figured all mouthwash was suppose to have that bite. However I started using more natural products and deiced to try Tom's of Maine. I first tried the peppermint. It was exactly how I expected it to taste. Refreshing and clean. Well when the bottle emptied I reached for some Listerine I had still. What a complete shock that was. After not using it for some time the alcohol was unmistakable. I will continue to be huge fan of Tom's of Maine. I know it is natural; there is no alcohol; no artificial flavors, colors, fragrance, or preservatives; no animal testing and the company gives 10% of profits to environmental causes. I highly recommend it, you can not go wrong with Tom's of Maine, give it a try.  

Genoa, IL


My 4 year old loves to rinse with Tom's mouthwash


I am a dental freak.  I hate trips to the dentist and I dread the day I might have a cavity.  I will do whatever it takes to keep from having extensive work done in my mouth.  I will also go the extra mile with my children.  Even if it means holding their head and scrubbing to make sure they never have to endure the intense pain of getting cavities filled and root canals performed.  I'm serious the dentist freaks me out.  Well, I don't have any fillings and I am 41 years old.  I had started my 4 year old on the rinses that "show you" where you missed or bacteria? etc.  Anyway, that was fun but I didn't feel good about having my son put something in his mouth that I wouldn't put in mine, even if it was to prevent a bad trip to the dentist.  So, I didn't buy any more and then when there wasn't anything to rinse with, I pulled out mine.  I felt it was totally safe for him and he liked it.  I must say the taste isn't what I would prefer, but it is getting the job done. 

Waynesboro, PA


Tom's of Maine Natural Cleansing Peppermint Mouthwash

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