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Tom's of Maine
Tom's of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant - All Scents

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Natural Confidence


Love the unique blend of fragrances from both the coconut and the lavender. It's A subtle, refreshing scent that doesn't overwhelm or overpower by any means. It offers up to 24hrs of sweat/wetness protection, which is super important when it comes to deoderants and antiperspirants. Safe for all ages too!

Philadelphia, PA


works on odor, not good as anti wetness


I like all of the liquid rock type deodorants for every day use.  They neutralize odor and are gentle and chemical free.   I save an antipersperant for days I will be extra active or nervous, etc.   In other words, If I have a stressful meeting coming up I know I will an antipersperant instead of just a deodorant.   The liquid rock is easy, vs using the old "actual" rock that you had to wet and rub on.

Dallas, TX


Toms crystal deodorant is great!


I love this deodorant since I have a chemical sensitivity and have to be careful what I put on my skin. I tried alot of other ones that said they were for sensitive skin but they didn't work, but I have to say that Tom's really work and I have been using it for about 3 yrs and never once had a problem.

Prescott Valley, AZ


Tom's Crystal Confidence Deoderant really works


My husband and I started using natural deoderants about three months ago. We have heard about the potentially harmful affects of anti-perspirants which contain chemicals that could harm our bodies for a while but had never taken the plunge to switch. We decided it was time to try something that is more safe for our bodies and we purchased several differnt types to experiment with. The Tom's of Maine Natural Care 24 hour Odor Protection Crystal Confidence roll-on Detergent is one of my favorites. I personally use the wild garden scent which is a light floral smell. It's not too overpowering at all. Tom's of Maine Natural Care 24 hour Odor Protection Crystal Confidence roll-on Detergent really does keep me smelling great all day. I was very skeptical at first but now I would recommend this deoderant to everyone. One downfalls of this deoderant is that it must be put on clean skin in order to work properly. so if I skip showering I still need to freshing up my underarms before applying this deoderant. Also, it definitely works better when I let the deoderat dry before getting dressed.

Knoxville, TN


Tom's of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant - All Scents

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