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Tommee Tippee 2-Pack Closer to Nature Sensitive Tummy Bottle 5 oz.

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Love it


I absoubly love this bottle! Both my boys used Tommee Tippee bottles and I never had an issue with feeding either child.



Great for the breastfed baby!


I am a part-time university instructor and mother of three. My youngest, a 7-week-old, is breastfed. I needed a bottle that would work well for her when she is at her grandparents' house two mornings a week without causing nipple confusion. This bottle fits the bill! The nipple is shaped similarly enough to a breast that she has no trouble shifting back and forth between the two. The inner parts are easy to assemble, and the bottles come with a narrow brush to clean the tube. I am happy with the bottle, but I do wish that it had an inner plastic disc to put beneath the nipple to avoid milk spillage in the diaper bag.

Brownsville, KY


Great Breastfeeding Friendly Bottle


My sons had a hard time with his latch and this bottle has been just amazing. No nipple confusion or excessive spit-up. I highly recommend. Only downside is having to take everything apart to clean it, which isn't really that big of a deal when you think about it... Just with the cleaning of a pump and all it's parts, adding in the extra cleaning for all this bottle parts makes more work then I would like. My son used to make alot of messes with the previous bottle he was using but this one he has a better hold of the nipple and isn't drowning in milk or juice. Definitely wish I had it with my first two children... My 1st had colic and this would have made things so much easier in my opinion. Washing it several times a day isn't that bad in comparison to washing my sons clothes several times a week. (I cloth diaper so, I'd rather not have extra washing to do. All in all, a great bottle!!!



Tommee Tippee 2-Pack Closer to Nature Sensitive Tummy Bottle 5 oz.

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