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Portable Car GPS
TomTom XL Portable GPS Navigator

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A great and Affordable GPS


I went with this GPS because it had all of the important features. It has traffic updates, maps of M?xico, Canada, and the US, and it has the speed trap camera database. The one I got came with lifetime map updates and lifetime traffic. If you did a great deal of traveling there are other options that maybe worth if. These include fuel station pricing. Initially I wanted a Bluetooth unit that had mp3 capability so that I could listen to music and it would pause so that I could hear important messages from the TomTom. I didn't get one like that because it was almost impossible to get one with those feature and the lifetime map and traffic. Especially without breaking the bank. I am happy with this unit and have decided I didn't need those features. If you have never had a GPS you may think you would need it to play over your speakers for you to be well notified but that's untrue. This unit is loud and clear. It also has enough visual signals to keep you on track. Plus I downloaded Yoda to tell me directions.


Greenville, PA


I would be lost without my Tom Tom.


Today I am reviewing the Tom Tom 310, gps system. I would like to tell you how I came to own a gps system. I have a grandson that I have been raising for sometime now. This was his senior year and upon graduating and receiving his cards and gifts, which were plentiful, he said " maw maw I am going to buy you a gps with some of my money" of course I said" oh no don't spend your graduation money on me". Of course I lost that argument also because shortly afterward here came my Tom Tom 310, and although I was thankful and very in awe that he would spend his money on me, I was thinking I would never know what to do with this system. The Tom Tom is so easy to operate and reading the instructions and seting it up is a piece of cake. I am 60 years old and although I am not completely computer handicapped, I am not a whiz either. But it easy to operate and set up. I would be lost with out it Now when I go anywhere if I have an address I do not worry or feel afraid, I now that I can get there and get home or back to my daughter's in Houston. I use to hate driving in Houston, I was so afraid of getting lost but now I don't worry at all. I have my gps and I can go anywhere. I love my Tom Tom and would recommend it to anyone. Easy to use and to operate.  


Bridge City, TX


TomTom XL Portable GPS Navigator

5.0 2