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Portable Car GPS
TomTom - Model 720

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One item the TomTom - a must have!


This is a great gps! To own one of these is like having an appliance in the kitchen that does everything! The price is affordable and easy to operate. Some people may say I don't need a gps as I never go places - well that could be true but...what about yard sales on a Saturday morning or someone tells you about a new restaurant that's not in your town you live in? This device is also great as while driving you can easily listen to the directions as well as one more huge bonus FREE Maps. You can even purchase one together with a neighbor share the cost and share the gps. Now that's a great deal. This gps is really well worth the little investment as how many times new roads are being added and remember you have free maps. Our friends have pother brands and not as satisfied with theirs so we have told them about ours and to watch for maybe a sale coming up to replace theirs. Processing Speed excellent Map Quality & Accuracy great Ease of Use simple

freehold, NJ


It's nice to have a GPS on trips.


Well my grandma uses this TomTom even though she usually goes to places she knows but it's helpful when she wants to find a detour route especially when going to Chicago and we want to avoid any traffic if possible. The trip we used this on we made it through Chicago very quick and she was very surprised. It worked great and I love that it tells you how far you have to go or if you miss a turn it will get you back on the right track. It's made me want to buy a GPS when I get a car and I most likely will go with TomTom. I've just seen how well they work with my family and friends. None have had many problems with them and they were easy to figure out as well.

Cottondale, AL


This tomtom makes trips so much easier!


I love this tomtom! It comes with lifetime updates so I never have to pay for an update and updaing is as easy as hooking it up to the computer in clicking "update". It plans your route based on speed limits, construction, and has even accurately shown backed up traffic! It has a clear view of the roads so there is no mistaking turns. And if you miss a turn for some reason, it quickly recalculates another route. You can even personalize the voice!! Definitely a great buy! Processing Speed Works very quickly Map Quality & Accuracy Very clear! Ease of Use Very easy to navigate

Port Lavaca, TX


Not too bad for the money


The selling point for me was the free map updates and traffic updates. Overall the unit is simple to use but does have some minor drawbacks that can be annoying. I typically use mine when driving locally to places I'm not too familiar with. Even places I've gone before but only visit perhaps every 6 months or so and don't have the route committed to memory. Of course on long hauls when taking a road trip, I also use this unit. Processing Speed It's fairly simple to enter a destination although multiple destinations can be a bit tricky. Once you get use to how to program multiple destinations, it's not too difficult. You will be able to choose how you want your route planned (fastest, shortest, etc...) and you can set preferences for toll roads and express ways (in case you prefer local roads only). I question whether the fastest route is actually the fastest or perhaps just a minute or two faster. Some of the trips seem to take me through a lot of turns to get to where I am going and I wonder if I stuck to the main road if I'd actually still get there at the same time. The Nextar had an option for "less turns" that I liked so I could stay on the main road and not zig-zag to my destination. Also if this thing goes into "replanning" mode it takes a moment before it comes back and I don't always have someplace to stop (or prefer not to stop in the area I am in). One time it took so long and I could not just pull over so by the time it had replanned the route I had already passed the turn so it went right back into replanning mode. Eventually it got it all figured out. Map Quality & Accuracy Screen size at 5" is very easy to read and get your bearing with a quick glance. The colors can be changed in preferences and it can change colors based on time of day (day time vs. night time). The route is clearly marked and you can even change the little car icon if you want. Ease of Use The text to speech function is nice but be aware that only the computer voices announce street names. Volume is adjustable and blows away my older Nextar that was difficult to hear when road noise was up (like the express way) while the TomTom is loud and clear and very easy to adjust if needed (even while driving it is just a touch away). The software included is ok, but it will want to start-up in Windows each time you turn on your PC so you will want to turn that off if you are like me and like to keep the system tray cleaned up. I had a small issue initially getting the free map code to be accepted but it finally worked and I can get free map updates now (I think it's a limit of 4 per year which is about 1 every 3 months). The traffic updates will work as long as you use the car adapter (charger) since the FM receiver is built into that cord. The GPS will announce traffic delays and offer alternative routes if a faster route is found (this can be turned off or set to automatic in the preferences).

Woodridge, IL


TomTom - Model 720

4.8 4