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Portable Car GPS
TomTom GO 740 Live Portable GPS Navigator

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Garmen Nuvi 50LM Gets Me to My Destination!


A great, compact navigator with lifetime map update fature. The lifetime map feature really pays for itself over time, and Garmin is very good about publishing updates yearly so that you have the latest road information and less chance for making a mistake on the highway. The updates are easy to load onto my garmin as long as I have a high speed internet connection. I also enjoy the "voice" which is clear, articulate, and very easy to comprehend. This is especially important to me as I have a degree of hearing loss. Processing Speed Very adequate, especially if I change course, this GPS responds fairly rapidly so that I can proceed without delay. Map Quality & Accuracy I've used this in my auto, primarily in the northeast all the way to central Florida and have never had a problem with accuracy on major routes and secondary streets. So far, I have not gotten lost or been rerouted to some place I don't want to be. Of course, I do carry an old fashioned road map along wherever I go just in case, bad weather, satillite reception is down, or an unexpected malfunction. But so far, this garmin has never failed me. Ease of Use This is a very easy, basic GPS to operate and follow. I won't leave home without it when traveling anywhere that I am not familiar with the route.

Steuben, ME


Love it!


I bought this GPS a couple of months ago for my husband since he didn't have one, and it is the best GPS I have ever used. I have another brand that is several years old and it is bulky and lacking in some areas. This one is completely opposite. It is very user friendly, sleek and small, and very intuitive. I highly recommend this. I even bought my 63 year old mom one (she swore she would never use a GPS) - and she also loves it and uses it all the time!



TomTom - 740 GPS - A Better Navigator than my Wife...


TomTom - 740 GPS - A Better Navigator than my Wife... but it is a close race in many instances.  We actually got this device for road trips so that I would no longer have to rely on my wife to give me directions from print outs retrieved from various directional websites.  It's like pulling teeth to get her to give me the information I need just before I need it on the road.  The GPS in question is generally fairly accurate, but really seems to struggle when I'm sitting at a dead stop and wondering if I should start out by going left or right.  It never offers to tell me this, particularly if I've just input a new destination and am about to pull out of a parking lot.  Often, I start out going the wrong direction, and rather than simply telling me to turn around the Tom Tom leads me on an elaborate circuit of right turns until I finally make it to the opposite direction.  It is up to most general challenges, however, and eventually gets you where you're going.  Short battery life is a big minus, and you have to have the dock in order to use the car adapter.  You can't just plug the adapter into the device directly, which is poor engineering in my opinion.

Powell, TN


TomTom- GO 740 Live never gets you lost!


Unfortunately the Go 740 Live has so far been a major dissapointment. First off I can't figure out the traffic service. I live in a major metropolitan area where I can get mobile traffic coverage from several sources (Google, LiveSearch, TeleNav, Sigalert, ...) and even TomTom Navigator 6 worked pretty well. As far as I can tell the service supported the Go 740 Live is probably missing half the traffic incidents reported by the other services, including the TomTom Navigator 6 software. Evidently they changed the data service provider for the Go 740 Live and it doesn't work. The next issue is the constant reboots. About once a day (while driving of course), the device resets itself. This appears to be related to when the device is connecting to the TomTom Live network. If the device can't connect to the TomTom service it seems to resort to a reboot at some point (annoying and dangerous when driving, particularly in the dark as during reboot it flashes to full intensity).  

Serena, IL


TomTom GO 740 Live Portable GPS Navigator

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