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Portable Car GPS
TomTom GO 720 Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigator

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I love my TomTom!


I received this for Christmas several years ago from my husband. I use it when I am going to unfamiliar places and so far it hasn't steered me wrong. I know that I am supposed to be downloading the new maps, which are an additional charge, but I haven't yet. Eventually I will. The screen is easy to read and I really get a kick out of selecting the different voices you can use when it talks to you. One minor complaint is that the suction cup hanger for the windshield takes some patience. I usually think it is attached pretty well, only to have my TomTom crash to the floor 5 to 10 minutes later. I have to do this on average 3 three times before it really does stay, so I wish they had included a better holder. I rarely use it anymore. Other than that, I have enjoyed this model, and if I ever need to buy another GPS, I will probably go with another TomTom.


Bel Air, MD


should've bought a Garmin


Disappointed in recent purchase of my TomTom 720! Because it was a great deal I let my husband talk me out of a Garmin that I had my eye on. Two weeks after I had the unit-it would not charge in car-simple solution since it was just a fuse in the charger. However after going to use it again to find a new location-it will not turn on!!! It is fully charged, receiving power but just a black screen! UGH!! First few uses were without issues after getting use to different screens but I have only used it 4 times since screen went black. Positive aspects were the graphics, alternate route options (I liked how easy it was to take out certain streets or highways in the route) and info positioning on the screen. The screen and unit were also a good size-not to big not to small. Cons-blown fuse, black screen, no street names, does not tell you what side of the street your location is on (Garmin does).


Harper Woods, MI


dont leave home without it


wow...what a great product. the things you can do with this baby are amazing. i would reccomenr everyone that travels anywhere and everywhere to get one of these. all of the menu options and p.o.i'S ARE GREAT. PICS, MUSIC, BLUETOOTH are just to name a few. the price is right for all travelers.


Gibsonburg, OH


Great compact system


Tomtom Go 720 purchase this for our son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.  My husband has an older model and he was jealous when he saw how compact this unit was.  The new design is vert appealing with blue tooth - good value for the money.


Downingtown, PA


Buy a Garmin.


I have both a TomTom 720 and a Garmin 330. The Garmin is far more accurate (down to about 3 meters or so), while the TomTom gets me within about 30 or so meters. It can sometimes take up to 5 minutes for it to actually find satellites, which I never had with the Garmin. In addition, I never had interference from outside sources (tall buildings, etc...) with the Garmin like I do with the TomTom. And, if you aren't real comfortable with electronics, the TomTom is far less self intuitive. However, the TomTom does have far more options than the Garmin.Bottom line, which would I recommend? The Garmin in a heartbeat. The TomTom is flashier and prettier, but it just doesn't have the, well how do I put it, the navigation abilities of the Garmin. And isn't that why we buy the darn things?


Chicago, IL


TomTom GO 720 Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigator

4.0 5