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Toastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker

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Toastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker is great


This is one small kitchen appliance that I keep ready at all times. It quick and easy to make grilled cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches or any kind you like. It is compact and takes up little counter space when you use it. It has the non stick surface to it that makes everything come out without sticking. I love the triangle shapes it makes. I have tried fixing corn bread, breakfast pasteries and sandwiches and they all turn out very good. It has the lock when you close the lid so you just put your food in for the amount of time it calls for and then lift the lid and it's done, golden brown top and bottom. It's very easy to clean up, somrtimes a paper towel will wipe it clean or soapy water and rinse and it's ready when you get hungry again. ThisToastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker is great for anyone with kids, quick and easy and it can be found at any mass merchant for a reasonable price.

Brush Creek, TN


Use it all the time!


This is one of those specialized appliance that you either use or you don't.  I use mine all the time and love it!  I think I got mine about 8 years ago and it still works the same as it did when I got it.  I of course make grilled cheese in it, but I also have found it is a great and easy way to make quesadillias, which my children just love.  I think that I even used it to make french toast once.  Really this appliance is as good as your imagination.  We really enjoy it.  I however will point out a couple things I don't care for about it.  I hate cleaning it.  The cheese makes it greasy and can be difficult to clean.  I also hate that it takes a long time to cool, so it is sitting out forever until I can put it away.  It does get really hot so make sure to keep it up away from little fingers. I burned mine once and it was quite an impressive burn.  Overall I love this appliance and I am very glad I have it in my home.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nothing special.


I purchased my Toastmaster Snackster about 8 years ago. it stills works about thesame it did as when I purchased, but that is not necessarily saying too much. I guess it does what it is supposed to do, but I am just not impressed with this appliance. Most often, I use it to make grilled cheese sandwiches. This machine takes over 5 minutes to warm up and does not cook the grilled cheese sandich much quicker than you would be able to the old fashioned way, on the stove (and they taste MUCH better on the stove if you ask me). My Snackster does not cook/brown the bread evenly and the edges are very flat and dry. I only end up eating about half of the sandwich because the rest is either burnt or dried out and has to be ripped off and thrown away. I guess this appliance would be nice for a college student in a dorm, where they don't have access to a stovetop. I will consider giving mine to my nephew when we goes off to college.

Rome, NY


Perfect for a fast and tasty dinner!


Our Snackster was gifted to us for our wedding by another couple because it was their favorite wedding gift.  We held it to a high standard and it didn't let us down.  My family loves it because it makes a fun and delicious meal with all sorts of variety.  I love it because it is quick and takes little planning and allows me to be creative!  We make grilled cheese, pizzas, ham and cucumber paninis, you name it.  If you can put it on a sandwich you can cook it in the Snackster!  We used to spread the outside of the bread with butter before putting it in, but have found that cooking spray works just as well and you don't have to spray it everytime as the Snackster is pretty nonstick to begin with.  The Snackster has a convenient red light/ green light system to let you know when your sandwich is done.  It will be hot to take out so be careful.  Make sure to use a plastic utensil to remove it so you don't scratch the surface. If you clean your Snackster right away (as in most kitchen appliances and untensils) it cleans up nicely and easily.  If you wait, someitmes it's a little tricky to clean, especially if you overload your sandwiches with cheese that oozes into the hinge area.

Champaign, IL


The Toastmaster Snackster was one of my favorite wedding gifts!


I loved grilled cheese sandwiches. I always have and always will. I *hate* having to get out a skillet and make a big mess with the butter and be miserable by the end of the process in order to get one of these sandwiches (which, due to my luck, end up burnt half the time). Enter the Toastmaster Snackster to make my life easier! This was one of those wedding gifts I got and went, "Oh... um... okay, this will be going in a corner of a cupboard and will probably break the first time we use it." To say I was wrong and quite pleasantly surprised is an understatement. For the four years since I received this gift, it has had a permanent home on my countertop, providing me with excellent, grilled-to-perfection cheese sandwiches in minutes (and easy cleanup). I love the fact that it "seals" the sandwiches by pinching the crusts between the plates, and that it grills them into perfect triangles (also sealed for neatness). It also has a ready light to let me know my sandwich is done--always accurate. It's non-stick, too, and all I have to do to clean it is wipe with a wet cloth after using. Every grilled cheese fan should own a Snackster!

Spartanburg, SC


Toastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker

4.4 5