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Toastmaster Popcorn Maker #TPC3

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Love it!!Very convenient.My popcorn cooked up really good.


Great product,toastmaster has always been a favorite of mine,reasonably priced,cooks popcorn really good, just cook it up and sit down and watch a good movie.If you are a popcorn lover try this product toastmaster popcorn popper TPC 3.You'll  love it too!!

Kissimmee, FL


Toastermaster Popcorn Maker is King of DVD Movies!


I am not just a popcorn lover; I am a popcorn addict! Just admitting it feels good. Watching a good movie, or a bad movie for that matter, without a big tub of popcorn is just plain wrong. Watching a movie on DVD at home without popcorn is even more wrong. When you watch a movie you want popcorn, you need popcorn, you can't live without popcorn. You need the Toastmaster TP3 Popcorn Maker.  Don't burn yourself making the old-fashioned popcorn in a pot with lid; or while opening that super-hot bag of microwave popcorn! It's dangerous and not even made in the same room as your DVD movie! The Toastermaste TP3 Popcorn Maker makes quick popping light and fluffy popcorn almost as fast as you can feed it more kernels. Here's a good tip; I like to shake some grated parmesan cheese on the popcorn instead of salt. Yum! When your double-feature is over the Toastmaster TP3 Popcorn Maker requies no cleaning and stores easily; until the next double-feature starts!

Bronson, FL


Toastmaster Popcorn Maker #TPC3

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