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2-Slice Toasters
Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

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I've had my toast 15 years and its still going strong.


I love it. I trying to find another one ??!!!



A wedding gift and still going strong.


We got our toaster almost four years ago, and it still works like a champ. It is easy to use and has a dial so you can select how toasted/dark you want. In addition to toast, we have used it for toasting hamburger buns and bagels. We love its versatility and reliability. The crumb tray also removed easily for easy clean up. Here's to another four years! Toasting Evenness The toasting tends to be fairly even, but there are usually patches of toasting that are darker than the rest. Safety The outside of the toaster gets pretty hot, and we've gotten a few burnt fingers over the years. Ease of Cleaning One of the great features of this toaster is a tray at the bottom that collects all of the crumbs. This tray slides in and out very easily for a very quick and simple cleaning. Durability We have gotten a lot of good use out of this toaster over the last four years, and it seems to have a lot of life left in it. Design It is a standard toaster, except its slot are a little wider in order to fit a sliced bagel.



Great toaster for a while.


I bought this toastmaster cool touch 2 slice toaster because I had small children at the time so any extra precautions i could take I would. I also really liked the style and color of the toaster, it went well with all of my other appliances. The price was great and when I used it the outside was never hot like advertised. So it was true to the advertisements. It's easy to clean and has a few different options for your toasting needs. I like the reheat button because there are times when we are preparing breakfast sometimes i forget about the toast. so with that feature i can just put it back down and it wont burn my toast . After a while though the toaster started to fail. On one side the toast will slide down the side while toasting and become stuck in the bottom of the toaster causing difficulty to get it out and burning of the bread. At times when the toast or bagels pop up they actually fly out of the top and land on the counter or the floor. That would be the only negative feeling i have about the toaster. Maybe its just getting older over time so maybe I will be replacing it soon. Great overall Toasting Evenness It toasts well Safety Not hot just like it is advertised. Ease of Cleaning Easy to wipe clean after use Durability Worked well until the toast started to slide Design Flashy design to match other items



Great toaster!


My husband and I purchased this toaster not long after we got married, so we have owned it over four years now. It has been very reliable! The crumb tray is a bit tricky to remove and put back, but it is not overly difficult. The wide slots are perfect for bagels, and they do not get stuck! This was very important for us, as we do love bagels. I have found that I have to put the toaster on about 4 to get bread to toast properly, and that the "Bagel" button isn't really needed. Also, if you are toasting several things in a row and the toaster is already warmed up, you may want to turn it down a notch or risk burning whatever you have in there. This isn't an issue, as long as you are expecting it. We are moving in with my in-laws and this toaster is making the move with us rather than being placed in storage, as it is much better than the bagel toaster my mother-in-law purchased. We are very happy with this Toastmaster product!

Wrightstown, NJ


Excellent Toaster!


I love this toaster! It seems to be well made as it is still going strong after four years of pretty heavy use! We use it at least three to four times each week and even though we use it that often I hate keeping it on the countertop (I have very limited counter space and keep it in a cupboard) so I love how light weight and portable it is without feeling cheap and flimsy. The toaster slots are nice and wide to accomidate either toast or bagels easily. The crumb tray is easy to remove and clean as well. Also, the stainless steel and black design matches the rest of my kitchen appliances perfectly! This toaster is definately a great value for your money and I would recommend it to my friends or family without hesitation!

Union Mills, NC


Toastmaster T80BC Toaster good for bagles


I purchased this toaster on sale and was really in need for one. I liked what it indicated on the box "bagle toaster" The slots are the perfect size for normal bagles (not mini ones) and it does a great job at toasting to perfection, but back to the min bagles, they fall below the toaster and must be pried out. I learned the hardway to unplug (before) prying them out ..zappp! ouch! Silly mistake. The toaster also has a habit of swallowing bread for toasting too. In fact I think this toaster is more designd strictly as a bagle toaster than a bread. It will work with bread, but you have to be careful in how you position the breadslices. The unit requires you to turn it upside down to remove old bread crumbs (no biggie, but make sure it is cool since the body can become fairly hot. It has temp adjust knov, "bagle" button and a re-heat button. I like the reheat option since you may want to warm up a cold bagle and this is one feature which really works. If your only toasting bagles, this is great, otherwise look you may need a standard toaster as well.

Pleasanton, CA


Toastmaster? More like Toast-amateur!


I absolutely hate this toaster! I don't just hate it, I despise it! I bought it because it was the only one in the store that wasn't TOO overly priced, but I am so disappointed I spent as much as I did on it, instead of investing in something that actually works properly. It either doesn't toast bread enough or it toasts too much. There is no middle-ground with this toaster. Most of the time I have to press the bagel button, even when I'm not even toasting a bagel, otherwise I'll have to run the bread through it 2 or 3 times to get it toasted enough. If I turn it up even a tad higher, then I'm eating charcoal. It looks nice sitting there on my counter with it's shiny stainless steel shell, but that is about all it does. A lot of times, it's such a hassle to make toast that I don't even want to bother. When I spend money on a product that goes by the name "Toastmaster", then I expect it to be the master of toast! It's time for a new one... Out with the old, in with the new. Let's just hope the next one works better than this.

Gardiner, ME


This Toastmaster toaster works great!


This Toastmaster toaster works great!  It is very simple and easy to use.  The wide slots make it useful for things like bagels.  There is an adjustable knob to set whether you like lightly toasted bread (like me) or dark toast (like my mom).  A couple other nice features include a cancel button if you want to check how your toast is doing or if you want it sooner than it is popping up.  There is also a bagel button which is useful when toasting bagels.  If you just want something reheated and not toasted, just push the reheat button.  The outside of the toaster doesn't get hot, so you don't have to worry about someone burning their fingers by touching it.  One thing that I don't like very much is that the bread doesn't pop up very high, so it is sometimes a little hard to get out of the toaster.  Other than that it is a pretty good toaster but probably not the best on the market.  I would recommend this for everyday use if you find it for a good price.  

Andreas, PA


Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

3.5 8