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2-Slice Toasters
Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

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My son gave me this model toaster in 2006. I never had a problem with it until yesterday when I attempted to make some toast; the bread wouldn't stay down. I can't complain; I've had this toaster over 13 years. This has been a durable well made appliance.

Mamaferne; Baltimore, MD


Toastmaster TMT007W is a good toaster for everyday use


I have had my Toastmaster TMT007W toaster for about three years now. I have had no problems at all with it. It is a bigger toaster, and does take up counter space, so I store mine in a cabinet when I 'm not using it. It has seven different temperature settings, so you can easily please everyone with the darkness preference of their toast. It is also great for PopTarts, waffles, bagels, anything that can be toasted has been toasted in my Toastmaster. It also has a long cord, which is good if you do store it away like I do, when you are ready to use it, you don't have to move things out of the way. The slots are also plenty big enough so things like fat bagels do not get stuck. That was always an issue with my old toaster. There is also a cancel button, in case you think you may have misjudged your darkness, you can just hit the cancel button and up pops your toast. I have noticed with this toaster versus my old toaster, that you can put a frozen waffle in and it will still heat evenly. My old toaster would likely burn it in places. So, I give this toaster 5 stars.

Claremont, NC


Toastmaster Toaster is very convenient


This is a larger toaster but it is very fast at toasting, has lasted me years, and is super easy to clean. My favorite things about this toaster are the cancel and reheat buttons. After using the toaster a few times you can judge what setting to put different products on (dial controlled). But if you change your mind, you don't have to mess with the dial to adjust the setting. You can press "cancel," which immediately ends the heating and ejects the toast. Very nice feature to have. The other advantage is that if you leave your toast in the toaster after it pops, it can get cool very fast. This toaster has a reheat option which actually just "reheats" the toast! You don't have to toast it a second time and make it crispier or burnt to reheat the toast! Finally the toaster has a special bagel function which perfectly heats bagels. Sometimes in other toasters, the outer edges of the bagel can get burnt or crispy  but the bagel setting gives an even toast to the whole thing. This toaster has worked great on frozen waffles, pop tarts, bread, muffins, and bagels. The added features allow you to toast products to your liking which is great.

Brownsville, PA


Toastmaster Toaster is Great. Easy to clean.


My grandmother gave me this toaster a few years ago. Its very tall about 7 inches and I would say about 4.5 inches wide. It has 2 slots for toast on the top, very large slots nice sized. Its white with gray accents on it. A nice big gray handle thingy on the front to pop up your toast and set them down in. It has a knob on the left hand side with 7 different toast settings for light to dark and 3 buttons on the left side that you can push in for features, first one is Cancel, next one is Bagel, and the final one is Frozen. You can take frozen things and place them inside this toaster and click frozen and set your knob to desired color (burnt or lightly cooked) and just wait a few minutes and Poof its done and does not burn or smoke. I haven't ever had a problem with mine. It's easy to clean due to the big openings on top and easy to wipe the outside surface too. It looks like it cost a lot of money which I like since I only paid about 30 bucks for mine and my toast and bagels always come out exactly as I want them. The best toaster I've ever owned. Toastmaster TMT007W.

Somerset, OH


Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

5.0 4