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Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

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Great economical toaster


This is a great toaster! It was economical and has lasted in our house for at least 10 years (yikes!) We don't use it very often, maybe once a month, but it always toasts our bread quickly and consistently. It is a very durable product that has made it through four moves. We usually store it in the pantry, and bring it out when we need to use it. It is easy to clean with the hinged bottom. The exterior is a very neutral white, although it does not match our decor, it does not look out of place if it is out. The slots are a great size and fit bagals and smaller items too. We never have a problem fitting anything too big or too small into it. We usually leave it on the same setting to toast pastries (i.e. poptarts) and bread. and get great results. The only downfall is that it is only a two slice toaster, so when we are making lots of toast (when we have guests over) it tends to take a lot longer.

Bartlett, IL


Consistent product


Toasters aren't necessarily the most used appliance in our house, but they are important enough for it to matter what kind we buy and use. We have had this Toastmaster toaster for about 2 years now and it's been consistently serving us well. It's very easy to clean because of the sliding tray, and the settings are very easy to figure out. At first, however, it's a bit of a challenge to figure out which number is best for toasted you want it, but that's not unexpected since each toaster has its own settings. This one is good for bagels (I had a phase when I ate bagels every single day because I realized how good they tasted after being toasted) and there's even a special setting for that. There's actually a special setting for toasting frozen stuff too. My only problem was not being able to toast bigger-than-usual slices of sourdough bread, but that problem is bound to take place with a lot of different toasters out there.

Glendora, CA


For Great Toast Each And Every Time


1.   1. The ToastMasterT2020WT  Is a Great little toaster, It gets used everyday in my household,Its one of the most used item in my household. 2. Every household should own one. Easy to use, Put bread in and few seconds later up pops great toast. Not only the first time but every time 3. No need for nothing fancy here, Just an item like the Toastmaster T2020WT for great toast.

Grand Bay, AL


Toastmaster Cool-Touch 2-Slice Toaster

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