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Toastmaster Bread Machine

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Toastmaster Bread Machine works well


The Toastmaster Bread Machine works well for making dough. I primarily use this machine to make dough, which I then use to create other pastries or baked goods such as pizza, rolls, breadsticks, etc. Sometimes I even use the dough to create dumpling skins too, which is fantastic because you just place the ingredients in the machine, push the settings, and off you go. No need to knead and get a work out just making dough! As for the actual bread itself, if you so choose, you can easily make raisin bread by mixing in raisins, or cranberries, or anything else that you want to add to your bread, very easy. Sometimes the crust can be tough around the edges, but the inside of the bread is fluffy and warm once you slice into it.


New York, NY


Yummy breads


My husband bought this bread machine last year because he wanted to make bread for us. It is too hot to do in the summer, by far, so I have had to wait awhile to get more yummy bread. But... it made really good bread and it was so easy and quick to use and to make the bread. I don't really know how to use most kitchen appliances and gadgets, but once you've given the manual a quick look over, it is so easy to use the machine. The manual also gave a really good description of how to make various baked goods and all different types of breads. The machine was very easy to clean and truly great for beginners! They also have a great technical support online and over the phone, so if in the event any troubles were to arise, you could easily find the solution! It is also a very compact machine and in our little apartment kitchen, we can fit it in perfectly and seamlessly. I can't remember how much we paid, but it was reasonably priced and it is very durable! Great little machine.


Lawrence, NY


Great price


I had a bread maker, that I just plum wore out.  So, I wanted to replace it, without spending too much money.  I only use bread machines every couple of months or so, so I just wanted a nice little machine at a low price.  I did a bit of online shopping, and came across this machine, that happened to be on sale.  The machine is a bit noisy, so I would suggest running it when you have other things going, and you do not need quiet.  I also suggest reading the directions, or the dome may melt, if you run the first time, without primeing it.  I also have an issue with the crust temperature.  I would suggest not running it above the light setting.  I tried various settings, and almost burned my bread.  I also had issues with the mixing portion of the cycle.  I have had to go back and make sure everything was well blended.  Also, do not run unattended, because it does not have an automatic off mode.  The timer stays on, wasting power.


Sacramento, CA


Toastmaster--Excellent Bread Machine


The Toastmaster Bread Machine is an excellent bread machine. My mom gave me this bread machine more than 6 years ago, when I was in college. I used it periodically then, but a lot more frequently in the last 6 years that I have been married. We use it an average of once a week. So it has gotten a lot of use, and still works great! I like that the loaf is square, although I don't often acutally bake the bread in the machine. I more frequently use it to make dough. I make roll dough, pizza dough, bagels, ... all kinds of things, and the dough always turned out great. It came with a great user guide and recipe book. All the recipes I have tried out of the book have turned out great. The bread machine is very easy to use. It is easy to program what you need for the type of bread you are making, and it is easy to take out the pan for cleaning. If my Toastmaster ever dies, I will for sure replace it with another Toastmaster, because it has been such a great machine


Richmond, VA


handy machine, gets the job done


I've had this little bread machine for almost 8 years.  It does an amazing job.  I use it about once a week.  I mostly make regular loaves (white, oat, whole wheat) and on occassion pizza dough as well.  As long as you put things in in the order you're supposed to and use healthy yeast, you'll get a perfect loaf every time.  I'm often asked to bring "home made bread" when I go to people's houses for meals.  It takes about 3 hours to make a loaf.  The machine is a little noisy.  Sometimes mine "walks" a bit, so I make sure to watch it when it's in the kneeding cycles.  It's hard to get a 2 pound loaf out of the pan.  It rises up so high and the hinged handle gets in the way, so you have to be careful not to burn yourself when releasing it.  I also find that the paddle is hard to pull off of the pan to clean it.  I put the pan and paddle in the dishwasher and it's very easy to clean.  This is a great machine for the price.  Enjoy your bread!


Blacklick, OH


toastmaster bread machine is great


I love my toastmaster bread machine.  It is easy to use and the products are delicous.  I make pizza dough, bagels, muffins, sweet breads, whole wheat, rye and specialty breads.  The book that comes with the toastmaster bread machine has great receipes, and I have also easily found recipes on line.  Bread cooks evenly and browns nicely.  A great bread can be ready in 3-4 hours.  The toastmaster bread machine has become one of my most valued small kitchen appliances.  I rarely purchast bread at the store anymore.  i work fulltime and the toastmaster bread machine is one product that makes my life easier.  Fresh bread makes me feel good and my family loves all the breads that I make.  Clean up is easier than one would imagine.  The toastmaster looks great on my counter and sends an imagine of being an excellent homemaker.  I have also tried bread mixes from the store and that I have purchased at house parties.  These have all been excellent too. An A+++ appliance


Valparaiso, IN


Toastmaster is the best!


My husband and I received the Toastmaster bread machine 7 years ago as a wedding present.  This bread machine has been one of my favorite appliances that we have in our kitchen.  There are several features on this bread machine that make it user friendly.  First, the opening to the bread machine is nice and wide and allows plenty of space to put everything in.  There are several settings on the machine ranging from a basic white bread to dough.  Just depending on what you are wanting to make.  This bread machine also has a feature where you can pick out exactly how dark you want to crust to be.  Plus, with a timer for each setting, the alarm will go of several times during the mixing period so you can go check the status of the dough.  That way if it isn't coming together right you can adjust the recipe before it starts to bake.  This machine also features a baking function so that you are able to mix, rise, and bake all i one machine.  Once the bread is done baking, the well is very easily removed and the parts of it are dishwasher safe making for very easy clean up.


Castle Hayne, NC


If you like fresh bread, you need a bread machine


I've used bread machines for years and highly recommend them if you like homemade bread. They take all the work out of bread making. You just put in the ingredients, push some buttons, check it a bit after the first few minutes, and then walk away until it beeps that it is done. The Toastmaster Bread Machine is a well made unit. It offers a large number of options for types of bread and will even let you bake a cake from a mix (something I've never tried). I bought this one at a yard sale and it had no instructions. You can get them e-mailed to you if you contact the company's customer service. It takes about 3 hours from the time you push start for the bread to be done. One downside with this machine is that the kneader bar leaves a hole in the bottom of the bread. Also once you've used it a few times, the teflon coating seems to wear off, making it hard to remove the bread. Using a knife to loosen it up only damages the coating more. But the bread is always delicious, so I don't mind.


Gainesville, FL


it makes good bread


The Toastmaster bread machine works quite well. My only problem with it is that the bread stickes and it is very difficult to get the bread out of the container.Other than that, the bread comes out very nice!


Howard City, MI


toastmaster makes great bread and mixes good too


this is a great bread maker toast master we uses it at least 3 to 4 time a week for the fresh bread that we can onjoy every day is good to know what and were the bread comes from and what in it toowe mixes up dough some time to just make dinner rolls or pizza dough  we also like to make french bread and cinn. rolles well as carmal rolls too grandkids love it went we make all the thing like we do so dose the kids they are always as make some bread with the toast master so we ask them what they want us to make so they say what they want then we are all happy here LOL


Mansfield, OH


Toastmaster Bread Machine

4.3 26