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Toastmaster Belgian Waffle Maker

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I Love this WaffleMaker


We absolutely love this waffle maker. We bought it because I wanted Belgian Waffles at home instead of having to go out to get them. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this appliance. It's simple to clean and doesn't take up much room in my cabinet. It has an indicator light on the top to let me know when my waffles are done. I've read some other reviews that said customers were not happy with the light indicating that the waffle was actually done. Well, mine works perfectly. The waffles are always golden brown and crisp on the outside and airy on the inside. I happen to use the recipe that comes with this appliance and it has never let me down. I've even cut it in half sometimes and it still works just great! I've never had a waffle to stick because I do spray the grills before I add the batter. This is also a very durable appliance. I would recommend this product to any customer that loves Belgian Waffles as much as I do.


Medon, TN


Makes great waffles


My family has owned this waffle maker for several years. It has lasted very well and still makes great waffles. It has yellowed a bit with time but otherwise is great. There is a handy light that comes on to let you know the waffle iron is hot and this same light goes off when it is time to take you waffle out. This light has always been right about when the waffle should be done. And even after several years the light still works. We always spray our waffle iron with cooking spray or oil it with a bit of oil. Doing this we don't have any trouble with them sticking at all. They always pop out in one big waffle shape. If you don't spray or oil it well though the waffles will stick something awful! Overall I would say this waffle iron is a good quailty for the price. It has lasted us several years and always give a good quailty waffle. We are very pleased with it. Performance Always give us crispy well cooked waffles. But it will stick if not oiled well. Ease of Cleaning Can be difficult to clean. Ease of Use Nothing hard about using it at all. Durability Has lasted us several years and is still going strong.


Greencastle, IN


Works well and perfectly browns


This waffle maker really makes a nice crispy waffle. The indicator lights make it easy to use because you know when it's hot enough to add the batter and when it should be done cooking. Mine has yellowed on the outside over the years and the handle broke off, but it still works great.


Boyceville, WI


If Meh Was A Rating, This Would Be It.


One of our first waffle makers, this was an okay purchase, but we quickly stopped using it due to the flavor not being that great and a dry texture. Performance Waffles didn't stick too badly with this machine, but when they were done, they did not seem to be crisp or flavorful like with other waffle makers. Sometimes the baking was so uneven that we just didn't like to eat them. Settings/Features Not much there- just a light that goes on and off to indicate when the maker is ready for another batch of batter and when the waffle is done. Ease of Cleaning Not too hard to clean. Ease of Use This waffle maker is not particularly hard to use, but it tends to be a bit challenging to get good waffles out of it. They tend to taste rather dry and unexciting, and often unevenly baked too. Durability Our is still operational, but we just are not that crazy about the flavor or texture. They seem to lack character and pizazz.


Podunk, NY


Good, not great


I have had this waffle maker for a few years. At the time of purchase, the cost was middle of the line, which suited me just fine. I have no problem with the type of waffles it eventually delivers, if you work with the waffle maker. The waffle maker is easy to clean and I like the fact that it has a heating light to let you know when the waffle maker is ready to cook, and when the waffle should be finished. the problem with the appliance is that it does not cook both sides evenly. I find that I have to open the waffle maker when the light turns on to indicate the waffle should be finished. I then flip the waffle to cook the other side. this is not a big deal, but it just makes it that you have to be attentive to know when to flip. The finished product is great, but I can see where the flip type models of waffle makers could lead to more even cooking.


Brecksville, OH


Toastmaster Belgian Waffle Maker

4.0 5