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Toastmaster 18-Quart Roaster Oven

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Awesome Product


This product was giving to my husband and I after my mother n law passed away. She absolutely loved this roaster oven. I now see why. After 5 years of having it I decided to cook with it. I am just amazed with the outcome of food. My mother n law got this as a gift in 2010 and it still works like a gem after 10 years. This machinery is so awesome and memories for my family and I.

Madison Mississippi


Nice to have the Toastmaster 18 quart roaster oven on hand


I was lucky that a family friend purchased this roaster oven for my husband and I for a wedding gift- an item that we had not registered for, nor anticipated needing in the forseeable future, but none-the-less has come in handy several times within the 5 years of owning it. I have primarily used my roaster oven to lend to my mom and friends for big parties- filling it with creamed turkey for sandwiches, etc. One of the best uses that I have found for my roaster is for making my own bagels!! I fill the roaster pan with boiling water, and have it preheated to a high setting. I then place my risen bagel dough onto the metal racks provided, place the lid on and steam my bagels for a few minutes- fantastic! My only snafoo with this roaster oven was when I had ATTEMPTED to cook my very first turkey (luckily it wasn't for a big gathering. ugh). I mistakenly followed the lower temperature suggestion for baking that was printed on the turkey bag instead of using the temperature for cooking a turkey that was suggested by the roaster oven itself. Hours later when I thought my turkey would be well done, I was astounded to find a flabby uncooked turkey in my roaster (plus I had it in a bag and upside-down, so couldn't see my turkey to assess, and the little "popper" was hidden). Learned my lesson the hard way. So, I guess that incident was not the fault of my roaster oven per se.

Wooster, OH


Toastmaster 18-Quart Roaster Oven

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