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Toastmaster 10-Speed Mixer with Stand

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Toastmaster mixer is a great value


We received this Toastmaster mixer for our wedding, almost 10 years ago, and the mixer is still going strong. It was by far the cheapest option that included a stand with the mixer, and it has delivered amazing quality for that price. The mixer is quite powerful. I had a cheap mixer in college, and "seven minute frosting" took 20-30 minutes to make. Not so with the Toastmaster mixer. "Seven minute frosting" truly takes seven minutes. I do not use the stand very often, because the bowl spins based on the movement of the mixer. There is a small plastic attachment that snaps on the bottom of one of the beaters. It touches the bowl and makes it spin. Unfortunately, our small plastic attachment was lost, so we have to turn the bowl by hand, making the stand much less useful. The fact that you need that small, easily lost piece is the only drawback to this mixer. Overall, I love this mixer and are very glad we have it.

Houston, TX


For an inexpensive Versatile Mixer, you can't beat it


I purchased the Toastmaster Mixer with Stand to replace my ancient handheld mixer.  I really like this product.  I am not one to need a mixer every day, so I really didn't want to invest a lot of money on one that sat on a shelf or in a cupboard most of the time but yet I still wanted a stand mixer for a change.  I like that I can use it as a handheld if I want to but yet still have the stand with the stainless steel bowl when I need it.  It also comes with dough hooks and even a whisk which is really a nice change from a hand mixer that only had the beaters.  It is simple to operate and not a complicated machine at all, lightweight and cleanup is a breeze.  Since it comes off the base, even if I splash or splatter, I can break it down far enough to clean up easily.  It has a limited one year warranty but this product will last a very long time if it is used like I do, only on occasion and not daily.  The booklet that came with it included some really useful recipes for breads and a section of helpful hints for bread and dough.

Talpa, TX


Toastmaster 10-Speed Mixer with Stand

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