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Single-Cup Coffee Makers
Toastess Silhouette Personal-Size Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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Perfect for a Coffee Lover On-the-Go!


I originally purchased this single-cup coffeemaker as a Christmas present for my daughter. She is a daily coffee drinker and had been purchasing a cup of coffee every weekday morning. Now, she has the option of brewing a single cup of coffee in a sleek, 15 ounce, stainless steel thermal mug that travels with her on busy mornings. The coffee stays hot in the non-slip mug for a reasonable amount of time on the long commute. The lid stays secure to minimize drips and fits well in our vehicle holder. The coffeemaker is an 800-watt model that brews quickly and conveniently. It comes with a permanent nylon coffee filter, so you can use your own coffee (more economical) or even the pre-filled coffee pods like Keurig (more convenient). In addition to coffee, this brewer can also produce hot water for cocoa or tea if you prefer. As far as cleaning is concerned, I've found the unit to be fairly easy to clean, although sometimes it's tricky to get the filter pristine. Yes, I bought one for myself. I haven't had mine as long, but so far, so good.

Chicagoland IL


pods of coffee is a breeze,travel size is just right


I love to take a travel size coffee pot with me when I travel/I like it because you know your pot is clean as you bring it from home.There are so many different items at a motel,to choose from .But still is fun to take an make at your own expense.you can bring your own coffee,and the little pods of creamer. Brew Performance great brewing device would recommend a good brew Ease of Cleaning cleaning is no problem.just the simple steps as you do at home Ease of Use easy to use,that cup of coffee tastes god Design like the design of the brewing system Durability no need to have a plastic pot,get a sturdy coventional device that is made good

Bakersfield, CA


When it works, it's wonderful; however, mine don't work.


I have bought 3 of these ***Toastess TFC-25T*** one-cup coffeemakers. One was for my son at Christmas, and he has not reported any problems. In fact, last I heard, he absolutely loved the coffeemaker.HOWEVER, the other two are not working, and I doubt if we will ever get them to work again.Thing is this is the PERFECT coffee maker for someone like my husband. I drink tea. I got tired of the 11-cup Mister Coffee sitting on the counter. This little thing takes up half the space, is cleaner, makes my hubby a fresh pot of coffee in just 2 minutes, AND it has an automatic shut-off. Not only that, but he doesn't have to buy any of these fancy little pods filled with expensive coffee that he doesn't like. He can use his regular military-strong brew in the permanent nylon filter (not wet paper filters all over the kitchen attracting fruit flies!). It's a coffee-lover's dream. . . . . almost.The 15-ounce,spill proof, stainless steel travel mug that comes with the machine is perfect for his coffee-in-the-hand drives to town. Before he was always spilling coffee in the car, but now it just isn't a problem. Easy clean, easy storage, and it is insulated!With everything that I love about this little machine, I can't believe that I have to be negative about it. It is the 800watt model (compared with the TFC-2T 450watt model). Both of ours stopped working about 8wks after the initial use. Hubby says they "burnt out". Yeah, he loves his coffee, but I can't believe he wore it out in 72 days. Apparently there is a 2-yr limited warranty, but the stores won't accept it and neither will Toastess, so now there's two more worthless items cluttering up my storage area. JMCA c.April 2008

Athens, GA


Toastess Silhouette Personal-Size Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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