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Toastess Hot-Air Popcorn Popper #

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Pops about half of the kernels


I love air-popped popcorn, but this popper definitely doesn't deliver. I'm not sure if it's because it is too short, of because of the angle of the lid, but I can only get about half of the kernels to pop with this machine. The others fly out the top before they get hot enough. I haven't had any trouble with the popcorn burning, and the machine itself seems pretty durable. I have, however, wasted a lot of popcorn just to try and get a full bowl. I'm not impressed with this model, and I will be looking for one that is taller next time. I got this one because the price was right, but I think it might be worth it to spend a bit more for a better brand or style.

Pocatello, ID


Too hot to handle, too unreliable to bother


Hot air poppers all tend to get warm. That's something I have come to expect from them. After all they are simply a machine forcing insane amounts of hotair upwards and heating up kernals till they explode. It is BOUND to be hot. But that heat always comes with a benefit. Sure you cant touch the machine much but you get POPCORN. Unless you use this machine. Then what you get are a lot of unpopped kernels. Not much of a meal at all unless you enjoy cracking a molar as you chew a handful. Ouch. Beyond that, this popcorn maker also started to MELT from use. The shield guard on top deformed and the cover warped after three uses. Now it no longer fits securely in place. This is NOT a good machine. Find yourself a better one.

Colchester, VT


Broke after several uses


We purchased this terrible Toastes Hot-Air Popcorn Popper because we don't like a bunch of junk on our popcorn that you get in microwave popcorn. Also, I hate having to make multiple bags for a large family. Well, this is an awful, awful machine. We bought one machine and it died and thought it might be that particular popper, but second popper was just as bad. Also, it wastes countless popcorn kernals. More unpopped kernals than popped ones, probably 70% of the popcorn was unpopped. I actually grabbed handfuls to repop it! It takes three batches to get medium sized bowl of popcorn. After several frustrating attempts, it died within a couple of months. This is a terrible popcorn popper that I can't recommend. Look elsewhere.

Sanibel, FL


Works great except for butter well and electrical issue


Purchased this popper through the military exchange system. Initially used Orville Redenbacher popcorn and was not satisfied with the quality. After throughly reading the manual realized I was using gourmet popcorn which the manual said would not properly pop correctly. There was a large amount of unpopped kernels. Then purchased regular pop corn and tried it and it worked properly. Most kernels popped and the quality of the popcorn was excellent. The unit does have a well to melt butter in it but I find that it does not work that good. The clear plastic cover and butter well get extremely hot and the design of the well is such that you have to reach over the hot cover and grab the handle that is pointing away from you or try to turn the unit around while it is hot. The handle on the butter well is to short to make it easy to grab and get the well out of the cover when you have some thing on your hand so you don't get burnt. I only used a couple of times and stopped using it due to the poor design of it. Finally there is no on/off switch and when you pull plug out of the wall when done popping it will cause a arch on the plug due to the high current the popper draws.

Anderson, SC


Toastess Hot-Air Popcorn Popper #

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