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Tinypic = = Splenda-pick == winner of noble-privacy prize!!


It's not like I wasn't aware of popular photo hosting sites, which i use & for which i'm very grateful. It's just I desperately wanted one which is not only more instant, but also somewhat like the concept of spamgourmet in that it would offer total privacy for posting pics on a message board, upon request of board members.Q: So what if I have some ugly plumbling pics I need to display on a board for practical reasons, yet don't want them linked to my other sites?A: Tinypic was the A++ to my Quivering Quaketion

Baltimore, MD


Not So Tiny


Once again CRS has set in...  I can't remember exactly how I heard about **Tinypic**, but decided to try it.  Similar to Photobucket, it requires a person to log onto a non-secure web site.  I don't like that idea.  But, it's not like I'm uploading my bank account files or something...just photos.  As with [Photobucket][1] , you can add tags, descriptions, location of where the photo was taken, etc.  An alternative to sending photos in an email, is to send your friends web site links to them.  I think it will also work with craigslist postings - although I haven't tried it yet.  If I'm wrong...sue me. Lastly, without being logged on, you can search for images or videos.  Feel free to browse around.  You may find a photo of something worth saving. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Photobucket-review-7edf7

Saint Louis, MO



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