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Tinker Toys
Tinker Toys Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set.

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Classic Toy That Never Goes Out of Style


My dad bought our son a Tinker Toy building set this past Christmas. The new sets are a bit different than the ones I had as a kid. The pieces are now made of plastic and not wood. The "sticks" are hollow plastic tubes and I'm a little concerned about how well they'll hold up, especially if they're stepped on. My three and five-year olds had some trouble getting the pieces together. It seems like they will loosen a bit after you put them together a few times, but it can be frustrating for the little ones when they're attempting to put the pieces together the first few times. There do seem to be a few different connectors than I remember, including some that look like you can make a wheeled vehicle and move it around, so that's a plus. The set has several different length "sticks" and multiple style connectors. Each different size or style is a different color, so it's easy to find which piece you want. We had put Tinker Toys on our son's wish-list as he has some fine motor skill development delays in his hands and they were recommended as one of the toys to help with that. Overall, I still think the new Tinker Toys are a great toy for kids. Time will tell as far as the durability of the plastic over the old wooden sets.


Oakland Gardens, NY


Tinker Toys are great for imaginative play, they are great!


My two children, 4 years old and 18 months old love playing with Tinker Toys. My daughter (who is four) can build tons of different things with just a little suggestion of a variety of ideas. We have pictures of her building cars for her babies to ride on and drums and hammers and motorcycles. We have build cities together and even robots. My daughter loves to get some of the smaller pieces together to make what she calls flashlights. Tinker Toys are such a great toy. My son (only 18 months) loves to put the pieces together and take them apart again. He doesn't really build yet, but he can repair something if he's seen how it was built in the first place. They take these toys all over the house, which perhaps is the only down side. They are a bit messy because they are just a big bucket of pieces, but some things are worth it. I'd rather them make a mess of the tinker toys than of the food in the pantry or something else. I will say that over time some of the wood sticks have chipped on the ends and no longer work, but there are plenty of pieces so you don't really miss them and they have been played with so much that a little wear and tear has to be expected.


Henderson, NV


A Classic!


Tinker Toys Building Set is a wonderful, classic building set that all children will enjoy.  Seeing my children play with them reminds me of the many hours I spent as a child building towers, cars, etc. with a similar set.  Today's Tinker Toys have some plastic parts, whereas in the 1970s I think the sets were almost all wood.  It is very cool for today's kids to actually get to play with wood toys, since  most of what they see is plastic.  However, there is a drawback to the wood sticks that are the primary component of the set - they can break.  Mainly, the pronged ends can snap off if you aren't careful.  Also, after quite a bit of use, the sticks can become a slight bit loose in their connectors.  For this reason, we really like K'nex as an alternative (although they are all plastic!).  Tinker Toys can be played with be kids as young as four or five years old, but they won't probably start really building with them until age six or seven.


Vero Beach, FL


Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set Is "As Good As It Gets".


Since 1914 Tinker Toy Products have helped children guide their imaginations. The Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set continues that tradition. Children can create animals, structures, shapes and more.. This classic toy provides children with endless hours of creative fun. The products are made of durable plastic and wood. Everything is sturdy and safe. The only limit to what they create is their own imagination. The bright colors seem to cry out to be played with. Boys and girls enjoy the Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set equally. A friend's five year old niece actually used it for a school Science project. That must be the first time a toy could make that claim. For younger children there is the chance to learn minor development skills. As they get older their level of creativity increases. I think one of the most amazing things about the Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set is the length of time it can keep a child interested. They never seem to get bored. Maybe in this case, bigger is better.


Augusta, ME


Tinker Toys Jumbo Tinker Toy Building Set.

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