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Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor T5G941

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Great device for working out!


I bought this Timex heart rate monitor watch when I started to go to the gym regularly. After a lot of research, I decided on this one based on the price and that I was a beginner with the heart rate monitoring and didn't need some fancy device. I bought this one because it not only tracks your heart rate, but it tracks your calories burned throughout your workout as well. The setup is really easy, and if you read the instructions you can definitely figure out how to use it on a day to day basis. It comes with a chest strap, which you wear while you are working out, and that is transmitted to the watch so that you can accurately see your heart rate at any given point. Once you are done working out, you can see your Recap and how many total calories were burned, and what your average heart rate was through the whole workout. It really is a great tool when you are trying to watch your weight and trying to burn more calories than putting in. It really lets you know how much of a workout you are doing, because without it, you won't really know how hard you are working. Definitely worth the money.

Boston, MA


Great for training


I purchased this Timex heart rate monitor online from amazon.com so that I could more effectively use my work out time.  The device came with a transmitter strap that you wear across your chest, an instruction manual and a beginner's guide to hard rate training.  I turned the device on and quickly went through the setup.  The setup is quite easy and I quickly set the watch time, date and heart rate training zones.  Some of the timex models allow you to set an alarm for when you reach different training zones.  The guidebook tells you how to find your resting heart rate.  You then set the watch to a certain percentage above that number depending on the zone you want to train in.  This setup was quite easy.  I went to a cycle class and watched my heart rate climb on the watch.  When I hit the end of a training zone the watch beeps at me and I know to reduce my workload to stay in my zone.  This is a great easy to use heart rate training tool, I would highly recommend it .

Sugar Land, TX


Glad my heart lasted longer than thisTimex Heart rate monitor


I purchased this product on the fly. I knew I wanted a heart rate monitor to get the most out of my workouts. I just didn't know what to look for. I have been a long time fan of Timex products and figured I couldn't go wrong. This seemed like a middle of the road product, not too expensive and without too many fancy functions. I wanted something basic. My first frustration came when I took it out of the box and tried to put it on. I had a difficult time getting the chest strap in place so that it would actually communicate with the receiver on my wrist. Secondly the instructions were not simple and I ended up taking it back to the store for a demonstration and even they seemed to struggle with it. Thirdly it was very generic, I could not set it up for my weight or age which made me feel like the readings were inaccurate. After all a 35 year old woman is not going to burn the same calories as a 20 year old man. In the future I would spend a bit more and get a watch that is more customizable and has a timer function. I wouldn't recommend this monitor to even the most basic beginner. I really gave this product a fair try and after 6 months it died completely. Save your money and buy something more.

Flint, MI


Timex Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor T5G941

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