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Tilex Tilex bath, tub and tile cleaner

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Hard Working


Tiles bath, tub and tile cleaner is a hard working cleaner. This product is great for removing mold and mildew, something no one wants to see in their bathroom. Mold and mildew grow best in warm, wet climates, so using a product specifically designed to removed these build ups and prevent further growth is essential as mold and mildew can be very harmful to your health. I have found Tilex to be great at removing and preventing mold and mildew, especially along the seal in your tub where it is prone to growth. Spray Tilex along the seal in the tub, and along the tile in your floor, another place mildew hides. My recommendation is to open a window, as I have found the scent of Tiles to be a little strong. Tilex bath, tub and tile cleaner is a great Mold and Mildew remover, and preventative , after spraying and allowing to work, any spots just wipe away. I use a disposable towel to clean the areas and throw it away after to stop the spread. This is a great product, but the smell is a little harsh.




Tilex Tilex bath, tub and tile cleaner

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