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Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust invisible Micro-texture Root Powder for Unisex

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I love this brand, and i love this product! I, myself, have used this product and know a lot of other hairstylists who have used it and cant get enough of it!! It will and forever will be a continuously used product at my shop. You can use it to just add a little bit of lift at the roots, use it for a little bit of separation and texture, and you can use it to go all out and tease crazy! My child went as a mad scientist for Halloween and i used this to frizz her shoulder length hair and within a couple minutes i had every inch of her hair standing up!! She actually had people pulling on her hair because they thought it was a wig. I will say, that i can be a bit difficult to get out sometimes and would recommend a good clarifying shampoo around once a week to avoid any build up.



Teasing in a bottle!


I love this product so much! Okay, so it takes some getting used to with application and the feel of it in your hair. It is sort-of like a salt shaker that shakes out powder to give the roots of your hair have more grip and easily pops up giving it a more teased look that is easy to refresh by hand over and over through the day! Why did someone not make this stuff before?! I have done hair for ten years and I found that most people with hair any shorter than around shoulder-length usually love it! The only brand that I have found that equals and possibly outweighs this one is Schwartskoph Osis "Dust It." Effectiveness You do have to 'fluff' it back up, but it stays for a while when you do! Ease of Application Tricky to get used to putting it in random spots in your crown area, but once you're used to it, it's very easy. You can also (carefully) put some in your hands and put it in the rest of your hair to textuize (like crazy if you want!).



Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust invisible Micro-texture Root Powder for Unisex

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