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Tide Swash Smooth It Out - Clothing Dewrinkler

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Strongly scented water


This spray doesn't do much but get your fabrics wet.  Then you're supposed to smooth out the wrinkles.  I don't think it worked any better than plain water and was just as much work as using an iron (with worse results) plus it leaves your clothes wet and smelling strongly, so you have to wait until they dry to wear them.  Ironing is faster, more effective, and easier in my eyes.


Los Angeles, CA


Swash gets the wrinkles out!


I am a person who doesn't own an iron, so wrinkles are one of my worst enemies.  The reason I do not own an iron is because it takes to much time to get the job done.  So when I first heard about Swash, i had to go and buy it.  Of course I was skeptical, but I had to give it a try.  What other choice did i have.  So I got the swash and it was time to try it out on my clothes.  I laid out my garment on a flat surface like it said to do and sprayed the Swash over the garment.  I gently pulled the fabric as I smoothed my other hand over the wrinkles.  Amazingly, almost all of the wrinkles disappeared.  It was amazing!!  Even though it didn't completely remove all of the wrinkles, the difference was miraculous.  My once totally wrinkled mess of a garment was now wearable thanks to Swash!!  I am so happy I found this prodcut because it has made a difference in my life.  It also adds a fresh scent to my clothes which makes wearing them that much sweeter.  Thank you Swash!!


Wixom, MI


Swash Smooth it Out is a product I will definitely use!


My husband and I absolutely have loved Tide Swash Smooth It Out.  The smell can be a little overwhelming at first, but you get used to it in no time and then it smells very nice.  We've used it many times - my husband took it on his business trip a while ago, we've used it before work and church when we didn't have time to iron, I've even used it to get wrinkles out fabric I'm sewing with!  The only bad thing about it is that it is a bit pricey, more than what we'd usually pay for something like this.  I really love it, though.  As it is, we don't buy it very often, but if we went on more trips (business or leisure) and needed it more often, this is definitely the product we would use. 


Provo, UT


Smell's great, but that's it


First of all, I absolutely LOVE Tide products and was so excited to get the email from Vocalpoint about this new product.  When I received it in the mail, I had to try it out right away, so I went in and grabbed a shirt that had been thrown on the floor, layed it out on the bed and sprayed it down, then smoothed the wrinkles out or at least try too, it took quite a bit of this stuff to even get some of the wrinkles out and even then I don't think they were all completely out.  I thought maybe it was the kind of shirt I used it on, then I tried a 100% cotton shirt and same thing happened, they weren't completely gone.  I do have to say though that the shirt smelled AMAZING!!!  All in all, I have to say I think I will probably not buy this product for the purpose of getting wrinkles out of my clothes (as I think my dryer can do a better job) however to refresh your clothes, it is wonderful!!


Commercial Point, OH


It's a good idea but lacking on performance.


When I first purchased this, I was excited to try it.  I tried it on different types of clothing (jeans, t-shirts, sweaters) and was not entirely happy with the performance.  It had a great smell, which was an upside, but I still had to throw the clothes into the dryer in order to get the wrinkles out.  It would have been great if it worked, but it just didn't perform.


Michigan City, IN


I love the smell.


I have used Swash on all types of fabrics and it has not failed me yet.  I love the way it smells and the wrinkles are just smoothed away.  This is great for on the go moms or anyone with limited times.


Layton, UT




This stuff works great!  I used it on a pair of jeans that had been sitting in the dryer.  I sprayed them and smoothed them out, and viola!  They looked like they had been folded and put away as soon as they were dry.  I was super impressed because denim is a pretty heavy material, and it is difficult to get creases out.


Spencerville, OH


Quick and Easy! Tide Swash


I loved the product at first use. This product would be great when I am in a hurry or traveling as this would eliminate having to iron. The scent is also fresh for my clothes and with just a spray on the clothes and off I was! 


Houston, TX


No More Wrinkles


I am currently a member of VocalPoint and one of their new " try & tells " was for the Tide Swash. One of their slogans is from crammed in a drawer to out the door. I was very skeptical of this product. It came with a tiny piece of fabric that they tell you to crinkle up in a ball and then spray to get it back to normal. I did that but still wasn't convinced because what clothing is that small or thin right. So I ( well my boyfriend and & ) put it too the ultimate test. He has a pair of Gap Khakis that are his favorite work pants. Mind you these things look like they have been threw the war. He works in concrete & roofing. Anyways the  material is so thick that you can barely iron the suckers and they are always just so wrinkledno matter what you do. So we started spraying them witgh the Tide Swash stick and it worked. I was like stupified. We did the entire pair section by section. We'de spray and then wipe them straight with our hands and they stayed straight. I am very surprised with this product.  The only bad thing is that it comes in a small spray can. There's probably enough left to do that pair of jeans once more. You can only purchase  these online at this time so tto get a good deal on them that might not be possible at this time. I wouldn't use it for every day use but if you have an annoying piece of clothing that just doesn't want to work with you then Tide Swash is definatly the way to go.


Pittsfield, MA


Tide Swash Smooth It Out - Clothing Dewrinkler

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