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Tide Original Powder HE

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Tide He works great!


I just recently switched to Tide He Original scent. I started cloth diapering almost a year ago and had been using detergents made specifically for cloth diapering. But they were hard to find locally and expensive. So after hearing that tide original was cloth diaper friendly despite the brighteners, fragrance, etc. and researching to see what other people's finding had been, I decided to give it a try. I have to say I like it. The original scent is very pleasant and so far it has worked well for the cloth diapers. And now I can use just one detergent for all the laundry I do and not have to worry about keeping multiple detergents in the cabinet. One problem I am having is finding larger size boxes of the original he powder. I was able to find a couple boxes for a decent price at a home improvement store but a lot of the places that do sell powder, sell the ultra version. I may try that out as it does seem to be a better deal. I guess you just use less (and with cloth diapers you use even less than with a load of regular laundry). So far so good and I will keep using tide original he powder! So much easier than trying to find other cloth diaper detergents.


Reston, VA


Tide Original Powder HE

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