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Bedding, Crib Bumper, Crib Comforter, Sheet Set
Tiddliwinks Safari Bedding Set

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Great deal


I got the Tiddliwinks safari bedding for my first son and was not all that thrilled with it. I wished for a pricier set but now, after having had a second child and having bought a pricier set, I realize what a great set the Tiddliwinks is! The comforter is plush, soft, and has lots of interest for little hands and eyes. There are different textures of materials on the comforter and also the bumper. The animals are really cute. It has held up especially well, even getting some use from a second child. The theme is one that doesn't go out of style. The colors are neutral, so really this is a great set for both boys and girls. It actually lots very similar to the more expensive safari sets, so you could mix and match pieces: a mobile, lamp, room decor pieces, sheets, etc. The bumper was really thick and stood up very well. On my pricier set, the bumper was flimsy and folded in half and seemed unsafe, so I really appreciate the firm bumper of the Tiddliwinks after experiencing that.

Simpsonville, SC


Love this set!


I absolutely LOVE the tiddliwinks safari bedding set and all of the accessories it comes with. The sheets aren't really too soft, but my baby doesn't seem to mind one bit. He was in a bassinet the first 3 months anyway, and by the time we transitioned him to the crib, it didn't really matter what material the sheet was. There was no need for flannel or anything like that. Also, he loves the animal pattern on the sheets. This can sometimes be a drawback because he just stares at the animals and thinks it's time to play. But they also entertain him, and keep him from crying, because he's too busy looking at the animals. We also have the valance, the hamper, the wall hangings, the wall plaques, the lamp (which is awesome quality!), the night light, and the changing pad cover. We love all of the items and they make our nursery look super cute. The changing pad cover is one of my favorite items because it's extremely soft and super easy to put on. We also have a terry cloth one and it's the worst. I never use it. I bought 2 of the tiddliwinks ones and just use those alll of the time.

Middletown, OH


Tiddliwinks Safari Bedding Set

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