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Tia Rosa
Tia Rosa - Megathin Tortilla Chips

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Tia Rosa Megathink Tortilla Chips - Great


We love to have tortilla chips and dip, especially the restaurant kind. I've always tried to find some that tasted as good as the ones that we would get a Mexican Food Restaurants but usually was disappointed in my search. We would always settle for Scoops. One day I saw the brown bag of Tia Rosa Megathin Tortilla Chips. The name Megathin caught my attention because thin chips are what we have been looking for. Brought them home and instantly loved them. They are as thin as restaurant style and just as delicious in our opinion. They are made from white corn tortillas which we feel are the true restaurant style. The are distributed by Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. out of Horsham, PA. but Tia Rosa began making them in Mexico in 1977. Today they are made north of the border. Eat them out of the bag or heat them up. We also love them as nachos or break them up in our taco salad as well as soups or casseroles.

Flint, TX


Tia Rosa - Megathin Tortilla Chips

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