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Thunderworks Thundershirt

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Personalization Challenges


We ordered - paid to have it personalized. Go our shirt today and they sent it out with our dog's name misspelled. Just called to return or see about getting it fixed. The process isn't very customer friendly. Once I upload photos of their error - and wait to get the return shipping label - they will work on making the shirt that I ordered and re-ship.




It May Work For Some Dogs But Only Helped One Of Mine


All five of my dogs are rescues; four of them were rescued from various raids on homes and houses that were involved with dog fighting. The other was found in a trash can with fishing line wrapped around its body. It goes without saying that they all had separation anxiety when they were left on their own and certain sounds would make them run and hide. I had to get rid of the large metal trash cans I used in the yard because the clanking sound would send the large dogs in to a panic stricken state. Thunder and fireworks never really bothered them but other sounds would; it was heartbreaking to see the condition of the dogs when I got each of them but with love and care they all bounced back from their gross mistreatment. Someone suggested trying the Thundershirt for the large dogs to help them through their anxious moments. The worst times of the week were when the garbage trucks and recycle trucks would be going through the neighborhood and if wasn't home when they were making their rounds, as soon as I walked in the door and saw the state of the furniture in the livingroom I knew that the dogs had all had a meltdown. I ordered one shirt to see how it would work on the oldest dog; he was about four and needed to have the extra large shirt because of his size and weight. He didn't like the feel of it on him and it actually made the situation worse. He started pacing and whimpering; I left it on him for about five minutes before I couldn't take it any more. I started asking people about why he would have that kind of a reaction to it and they said that there's a chance that when he was dog fighting they used something similar to hook weights to in order to make him stronger. If that was the case then I completely understand why he reacted the way that he did. After seeing the way he was acting with the Thundershirt on I didn't want to try it on the other dogs that day. I waited about four days and sat on the floor with the shirt to see if any of them would come up and at least sniff it. One of them did get curious enough to come up and check it out so I slowly put it on him but didn't tighten it. We did that a couple of times before I felt he was ready to have it fastened on him; when I did he didn't really seem bothered by it but he just sat there looking at me while it was on him. Out of four large breed dogs, there is only one that will wear this for more than an hour. It does seem to help with the separation anxiety that happens from time to time but it didn't work out as I had hoped to keep the cushions on the couch, the drapes from getting ransacked or to keep them from going crazy when the garbage trucks and recycle trucks are in the neighborhood. I did order one for the small dog and he loves it; he will wear it for hours without showing any signs of frustration with it and it does help him stay relaxed when I am out of the house all day. I wish it would have worked for all my dogs but I'm glad that at least one of them found some comfort from the Thundershirt.




From scared to calm in one wrapping!


I purchased this for my 9 pound Morkie mostly to deal with storm and people anxiety. During a thunderstorm he starts shaking and goes crazy. Also when people come over or a car drives by, he goes insane. I purchased it directly from the Thundershirt website (one thing I like about this was if it didn't work or didn't fit, you send it back and they donate it to a shelter dog!). I do wish I went ahead and got a custom one, but I wasn't sure if it would fit and work, so I didn't shell out the extra ten bucks. It is very easy to put on (just dont do it too tight!) and it had instant results. I got it right around the 4th of July where people in my neighborhood set off fireworks every night for a week and the first two nights we didnt have the Thundershirt and it was awful. When we got it, put it on him and he was fine! He pretty much just relaxed on the sofa or in his bed and the booms didnt bother him. I am very satisfied with the Thundershirt and if you have anxiety problems with your dog it is definitely worth a try! It may seem pricey, but it is a super soft material with nice sturdy velcro- worth the money!


Yorktown Heights, NY


Not for my dog


I purchased the Thunder Shirt for my mini Doxie. He is an incessent barker!!! I kid you not, that dog will bark 90% of his awake day sometimes. I purchased the thundershirt to hopefully help his barking. I had heard great reviews that it had really helped some people. Plus I figured, what could it hurt?! it is guaranteed or your money refunded. I put it on him for a few days. and it just didn't seem to help the barking. He was very comfortable in the shirt and didn't mind wearing it at all. HOwever, the barking continued. I believe it is because his barking is not anxiety or fear related. It is simply that he is a barky breed and he in particular loves to "talk" he always has and always will. I don't discount that the shirt works, it just didn't for my dog. It is guaranteed so, give it a try.


Brandon, FL


Thundershirt helped travel anxiety.


After hearing about Thundershirts a year ago and viewing one in my vet's office, I was skeptical that it would work, but I was desperate. My 7-yr old poodle mix hates car travel; he whines loudly the entire trip--driving everyone in the car crazy! We've tried everything: behavior modification, Benedryl, Dramamine, vet prescribed medications. Other than heavy sedation, nothing worked! Since Thundershirts have a money back guarantee, I decide to give it a try on an 8-hour round trip to the in-laws. It dramatically reduced his anxiety and whining by about 90%. He actually laid down and rested most of the trip. It didn't relieve all his anxiety, but it made a previously unbearable trip pleasant. I've only used it on this one trip. So, I want to see how it works long term, but I'm happy enough that I'm ordering one for my other dog that has thunderstorm anxiety.


Cary, NC


This shirt really works for any dog!


I saw this online ad for a thundershirt for dogs. It calms them when they have anxiety. I bought it for 36.00, and it has a money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I ordered it online and it came about a week later. The color was gray, and it actually looked like a piece of fabric with velcro strips. Now I have a 12lb dog, and he has always hated any kind of shirt, sweater, coat or hat I tried to put on him. He would struggle and roll until he got it off. So I followed the instructions and put it on him when he was not scared. He smelled it, I did not need a treat, and I put it on. He did not mind it at all and that surprised me. He did not try to wiggle out of it. He was actually quite content. I kept it on him while I fired up the vacuum cleaner and he actually just sat on the couch. He usually flips out and runs when I turn it on. Outstanding product. I used it during our storms with high wind and rains, and he was ok! Great product.


York, PA


Thundershirt is Awesome


I ordered the Thundershirt for our dog that is terrified of storms. Within minutes of putting the shirt on she was calm and lying down. She only has to wear it for about 10 minutes at the beginning of a storm and she is fine for the entire time. We also have a dog that jumps on everyone when they are at our house. He wears it just prior to visitors arriving and for about 10 minutes. No jumping, barking or whining. He is still excited to see people but is much more calm about it. He also wears it at the beginning of training so he is calm and stays focused on the tasks. I highly recommend the shirt for any dog that has anxiety issues. It helps to calm the dog and relieves the stress of the situation for both the dog and the owner.


Sherwood, AR


Thundershirt really does the trick


We have two Schnoodles that are terrified of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks.  I saw this product previewed on the internet and decided to give it a try since the only other thing that worked for them was Benedryl.  The next time we had a storm come through the area I put their Thundershirts on them and within a matter of minutes they were as calm as could be.  It was amazing!!  They also didn't care for car rides, especially long ones such as when we had to drive 4 1/2 hours to get to my Dad's place up north.  We decided to give them a try rather than drugging them, and I was shocked at how well they worked.  Normally we had to put up with crying and howling and all kinds of anxiety issues the entire trip, but within 10 minutes of leaving our driveway, they were both sound asleep, and only woke up for a potty break on the way up north. I would very highly recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with anxiety issues.  It truly does work.  In fact all I have to say now is "do you want your Thundershirts on?" and they are both right there waiting for me to put them on them.


New Baltimore, MI


Thundershirt: It works, and for a GOOD price!


When we were having trouble with our 6 month old Rottweiler Puppy and her Inexhaustible energy levels, we started seeking out products that would help her calm down when it was quiet time! We needed to be able to take her into places like a pet store, without her running Amok! Car rides needed to be calm. We looked at the expensive anxiety-wrap products, but we were skeptical, and they were so expensive, what if she just chewed it up? Our local pet store carried a line by the brand name of "Thundershirt", a small-company's version of a dog anxiety wrap. They had video of a Rottie pup the same age as ours, doing the same bouncing-around thing, and then again with the Thundershirt on. It was MUCH calmer (more what you would expect, happy and playful, but not riccocheting off the walls!)... we went to see how much they were, and at 36 bucks for ANY size... we were sold- no more paying tons more just because your dog isn't yorkie-sized! (Though they carried all sizes, from tiny to huge! All sizes are 36.00!) We tried it, and it worked JUST like the video. We used it whenever it was time to go out into public spaces, whenever we rode in the car, and whenever it was training time. Three months later, our growing-pup has learned not only to be calmer, but also more self-confident, because she has learned to focus on us and the things around her without being SO exciteable! We no longer have to use Thundershirt, although we occasionally fall back on it in a VERY new situation- she had to go out in a windstorm, for example, near flapping tarps. This product helps, and it's very very fairly priced- if your dog chews on it, it hasn't ruined your bank account- tho to date, our puppy hasn't done even that! She seems to love it!


Everett, WA


Thunderworks Thundershirt

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