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Great for Lutherans


We are very happy with Thrivent Financial and the range of products they provide. If you are a Lutheran, I would say definitely join. I also believe they are opening up to other Christians. When you join Thrivent, you are joining not only a financial company with great services, but you are also joining a group that gives back. You can even elect where some of that giving back goes through the Thrivent choice program. Due to the fraternal nature of the organization, costs are very low. We have had two excellent representatives who do an analysis of your financial health and make recommendations for future financial well being. We have found much of their advice to be very sound and have made changes as a result. The nice thing is not all the changes recommended involve moving all your money to them. They also gave advice on working within our existing financial plans to make them better. We are especially pleased with our new life insurance plans.



Great company


My husband got insurance from this company as a baby, nothing big, just a small policy. Today we still have it. Thrivent is a great company. They send literature and other things that are helpful for our budgeting needs from time to time. Bills arrive quarterly, and there are never solicitations or sales reps pushing us to buy more products. No complaints from me.

Baltimore, MD


Thrivent is very helpful


We switched to Thrivent about five years ago from another financial company and are very satisfied with our new financial advisor. We have an IRA, Roth, 403b and disability insurance with them. They do not charge for their advice and our financial advisor meets with us regularly (annually) to see where we stand. The website is very easy to use. They provide a username and password and you can access your statements and account information at any time. There are other features on the website that I have not used, but hear they are very helpful. They offer a variety of options for your finances and insurance needs. They have a new program called Thrivent Choice. This allows you to direct donations to where you feel they should go. Thrivent has always been a big proponent in "sharing the wealth" with those in need. They have a generous matching program that you can apply for. Thrivent has a newsletter that is mailed or emailed (your choice) that keeps you up to date on who is running the company and what their viewpoints are.

Havre De Grace, MD



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